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  1. bumboboy

    MultiTweaks: general, map, zoom, battle, enemies, audio, options, efficiency, etc.

    Been playing around with the zoom. The get rid of black lines thing doesn't seem to help as its trimming sprites from the bottom and my black lines are at the top. Adjusting the amount trimmed doesn't help either as its only trimming the bottom for me and the black lines just won't go away...
  2. bumboboy

    Gradient Wipe - old RM Transition effect, and more

    This looks amazing is it possible to get MZ support and for you to post the images you use for gradients?
  3. bumboboy

    Boss HP Gauge

    Works with MZ Kinda? Sometimes it will work just fine but same battle and everything boss bar just won't move down any idea why?
  4. bumboboy

    Passive Skills

    ***FIXED*** Edited Visu plugin to the correct name (Fomar0153_PassiveSkills_VisuMZ_1_SkillsStatesCore_Patch) which fixed the error I get this error when clicking on the Skills tab in my main menu "Failed to execute 'getImageData' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': Value is not of type 'long'."...

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