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  1. EmeraldSpecter

    Is there generator parts for...

    I'm looking for generator parts that fit the following things (hoping they exist): Roman Centurion Armor (both male/female) Aztec Jaguar and/or Eagle Warrior Armor (both M/F) Egyptian-esq Warrior Armor (both M/F) Chinese Armor (both M/F) Viking Furs/Armor (yep, both M/F) I tried poking around...
  2. EmeraldSpecter

    I see "RTP" everywhere... What is RTP?

    People on the board are using RTP in ways that I don't understand the meaning of and I finally have to ask the question.
  3. EmeraldSpecter

    FF: Sphere Grid vs License Board

    Functionally, the Sphere Grid and the License Board serve the exact same purpose (a visually interactive way to replace a leveling system and a sort of skill tree system combined). However, the Sphere Grid gets mad hate and the License Board does not. Why? Discuss! I like the Sphere Grid...
  4. EmeraldSpecter

    RMMV Character Portrait Behind Speech Window

    I wasn't quite sure how to phrase this and I did try looking for it but I don't think I'm using the right terminology because I'm finding zilch on the forums. I am looking for the plugin that allows for a portrait (or picture) of the Actor (or character) talking to appear behind the speech...
  5. EmeraldSpecter

    RMMV Inventory Restricted to Specific Actors

    Is there something out there that keeps inventory collected assigned to specific actors (which can be reassigned in the menu, but must belong to someone rather than just “being available”)?
  6. EmeraldSpecter

    Sprites Without Limits

    The title sounds like a cause we need to hold a concert for... Sprites Without Limits, headlined by Aerosmith, Paul McCartney, and Bruno Mars. Anyway... I've seen a few games lately that have sprites that do not appear (at least to me) to be bigger than the standard 48x48 (taller, not...
  7. EmeraldSpecter

    RMMV What’re the Limits of Menu Plugins Available?

    A bit of a weird question... or series of questions, really. How much customization to the “menu” (where you have the Actors, the Save, Equip, Inventory, etc) can be done via plugins? Here’s where I’m going to get weird on you: 1. Can I make it look like an old book? As if every time you went...
  8. EmeraldSpecter

    Status Icon Representations

    I have a question. As much feedback as possible is welcome. Let me start with what I'm looking at: This is a screenshot of the top two rows of a custom Icon Set I was going to be including in my RPG, which I am now deciding to design my own... what I'm looking for is what the hell these things...
  9. EmeraldSpecter

    RMMV Can't Do Transparency?

    Hey all... I wanted to add a "shadow" to my walkers and battlers for my actors, but they don't seem to have what I added when I go into the game itself. What I'm talking about is: I have the unshadowed default on the right but I wanted to add the shadowed one on the left to give a little...
  10. EmeraldSpecter

    Single Font Only?

    I only see 1 font in the font folder, am I to believe that I only have one option for a font if I replace this with a different font for the game I'm building? I don't need multiple, but I want to make sure before I just move on.
  11. EmeraldSpecter

    Skills Don't Level (i.e. Magic) by Default?!

    Skills and Magic don't level? Each Level is a separate spell and each Skill is a separate Skill (with a different level)? Really?
  12. EmeraldSpecter

    Event Image Size

    How can I make the Event Image more than 1 square? I wanted to use one of the crystals as the Event image but I don't know how to make the image go two tiles high.
  13. EmeraldSpecter

    Offering Your Services Questions

    Hey all... I have a couple of weird questions about offering up your services if someone is asking for help on their project. Let's say someone is looking for some mapping help, maybe some voice acting... and they are definitely not going to be making a penny off their finished project. Do you...
  14. EmeraldSpecter

    What is the stuff on the "R" tab?

    For the tile sets, what are they? I've seen them and I don't have a clue what they're for or how to use them. What I see is a bunch of delightful colors and numbers... I don't know why. :)
  15. EmeraldSpecter

    Overworld Movement as “Vehicle Only”

    It’s late, so this is probably more brain fart than anything... or not. I’m concepting my next game and I was wondering about how to restrict the player movements in the Overworld map to just being in a vehicle (like a Star Trek space would be in Enterprise or Doctor Who would be in the...
  16. EmeraldSpecter

    Fully Restore HP/MP After Battle

    The project I've decided to embark on, I am going to fully restore the HP/MP after the battles are complete because it isn't necessary for the game to have the party need to survive between battles (that just isn't part of what the game is about).. so, I'm wondering if there is a consensus on an...
  17. EmeraldSpecter

    Keyboard Commands by Default?

    I wasn’t super sure where to post this, pardon me if I’m incorrect... but is there someplace where the default keyboard commands are listed that a player would use to play the games? So far I’ve figured out the arrow keys to move, ENTER to interact or select, and someone on a tutorial said X is...
  18. EmeraldSpecter

    Character Generator Additions - How to Add Them (MacOS)

    Hello, I'm new, and I've gone and gotten some of the new downloads for the Character Generator that I'd love to use for the project I'm working on. I understand how to add things to the files in projects that I'm actively working on (and know that I'll be doing that basically for every project...
  19. EmeraldSpecter

    Hello, I'm New

    I just got RPG Maker MV in the big sale for Maker Day... and I'm hooked. I'm in the Pacific Northwest (USA, Portland, Oregon specifically) and I love me some RPGs. I invented an RPG component to bullet journaling (which is a manual way to organize one's life invented by someone else) and I've...

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