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  1. Porcelain

    Timer Doesn't Run Expire Code on Map

    I have my Game_Timer run the following code on expire: $gameTimer.stop(); SceneManager.goto(Scene_Gameover); This removes the timer and gives the player a Game Over, but it only works in battle. I'm trying to get it to also work on the map screen. I tried running...
  2. Porcelain

    Does changing character order actually do anything?

    I'm talking about the formation option that's in the default menu. It seems like it just changes the order of the characters in the menu/field/battles. Does it actually affect anything else, like how often characters are targeted? Just asking out of curiosity.
  3. Porcelain

    Preventing the battle status window from centering at turn start and changing fill direction for gra

    I'm assuming both of these are simple script edits, but I just can't figure them out. For the first one, I want the battle status window to stay on the right when the player is done entering commands. By default, it centers itself when the command window closes. I've looked over the functions...
  4. Porcelain

    Changing the color of the text outline.

    It looks like the default text outline in RMMV is a darkish gray, but I'd rather have it be closer to black. I can't find where the color is defined in the default scripts, though, and Yanfly's Core Engine or Message Core doesn't let you change it, as far as I know.
  5. Porcelain

    Limit time for selecting battle actions

    Basic Idea: -A battle starts. A timer for x (default 10) seconds appears somewhere on the screen. -If the timer runs out before all characters in the player party have been given commands, then the game automatically proceeds to executing battle actions and any character with no selected...
  6. Porcelain

    Where are the basic battle mechanics located in the default scripts?

    I want to remove Luck's effect on state accuracy and set the preemptive chance to 0, but I can't find the formulas or values for these in any of the default scripts. I've tried opening them all and searching for Luck, preemptive, etc., but nothing came up.
  7. Porcelain

    Is there motion blur on player sprites?

    I can't tell if this is just my monitor or an effect added by the engine, but there seems to be motion blur on the player sprites when they move. I don't think it's my monitor, since other games don't have this problem. It makes it very hard to focus on the characters when they move, so I'd...
  8. Porcelain

    Can't activate with my product key

    I type in the email that I used to pre-order and my product key, and I click activate, but it takes me to a blank page. There's a button that says "Please click here if you aren't otherwise forwarded," but it does nothing.

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