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  1. BlueDragon28

    RMMV Need Sprite Spacing Plugin for MV PLEASE!

    So I am having a problem with my game and the default spacing between characters in a given party (the default works fine if all the characters are the same size), and here's where My problem/request comes in my characters are NOT all the same size, and when I add them to my party they start to...
  2. BlueDragon28

    Framed Pictures for rpg mv

    I decided to make a whole bunch of framed pictures Doodads, and share them with everyone! And as requested I have added a tilesheet (which YOU may need to further edit to your liking) there are roughly 54 to choose from. Free for use for both Free and Commercial games. Credit not necessary...

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Updated one of my characters sprites. Misty now looks more like an actual person rather than the deformed potato on the left.
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Another commission done. Kato's little shop is open!
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Just played a lovely dice game this morning. Got any other dice games to recommend?

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