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  1. Enemies wont have death animation if killed with scripts

    <Custom Action End Effect> if ( { user.addState(1) } </Custom Action End Effect> im using yanfy's buff stat core for this, when I kill an enemy normally (with attacks directed at their hp) they die normally but when I try and kill them like this, while they are dead and I...
  2. How to update actors name without having to reset whole game

    In my game I've changed the name of a few actors and will probably add new actors in the future as I develop the game further, any solutions?
  3. Is it possible to make it so if I put a notetag in a map, that can be checked in a parallel common event? (Or are there any plugins for that)

    It would be something like If (map has this notetag){ tint screen like this }else{ tint screen like that } Im open to alternative ideas to, just want something neat and clean
  4. Having some trouble with manking things happen after using "Abort battle"

    I'm trying to make it so if you lose this specific battle, you have the option to retry or not (Wich teleports you back to where you accepted the battle), but for both of these options nothing happens, the battle just ends and your left on the overworld with 1hp
  5. Message bust plugins that let you have two images up at once

    ive seen galvs plugin but i want to be able to display two at once, and even better if i can grey one picture out, ive seen a few japanese games do it with animations too but i dont know what plugins their using.
  6. Is there a way to make events erase other events?

    I want an event to erase other events on the map and itself when i win a battle, and of course they should reappear when I come back to the map, is that possible?
  7. is it possible to call a common event through a script?

    title scripting is hard but a few of the plugins i use require it, so im wonderin if theres a workaround
  8. is it possible to make an enemy take up a large part of the screen (image in post)

    basically this, trying to make enemies take up most of the screen, is there a way to do this with or without plugins
  9. Changing Enemy sprites with HP/MP/variables mid battle

    is it possible to change an enemy's sprite mid battle with HP/MP/variables? and if not is it possible with plugins?
  10. Adding and subtracting variables with scripts

    i put this in as a test (lost level being the name of my var with 2 as its id) and it is not working and advice on where i can learn more about using variables in scripts becuase i wanna go on to do some more advanced operations
  11. Am trying to make it so after enemy hits you they say something with yanfys message extented pack 1 plugin, but am having trouble

    I am trying to make it so after enemy hits you they say something with yanfys message extented pack 1 plugin but am having trouble with targeting right now i have it so when an enemy uses a skill it triggers a common event the event above will always make the first enemy in battle say it but...
  12. How to remove the party command window

    There are plugins that exsist on how to skip it, but is there a way to out right delete it? (and maybe move the escape button to the actor command window?)
  13. Im trying to make it so if my MP hits 0 the HP goes down but idk how

    Im trying to make it so if my MP hits 0 the HP goes down by a specific amount (not percent) but I cant think of how to do this and I dont think any of the plugins i have will help any ideas?

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