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  1. CrocPirate

    I finally finished the Coliseum for my game. Love how it looks. Credits for the assets goes to...

    I finally finished the Coliseum for my game. Love how it looks. Credits for the assets goes to Kokoro Reflections, @Starbird_Resources, and @megumi014.
  2. CrocPirate

    RMMZ VisuStella MZ MULTICLASS Help

    Parameters > Multiclass Settings > SubClass > Reward Rates: EXP Then all you have to do is adjust the value.
  3. CrocPirate

    How too: Summoned pet deals 10% more damage if actor ID 11 is wearing summoner robe (armor)

    In your damage formula use this: $[x] && $$dataArmors[y]) ? a.atk * 3 - b.def * 1 : a.atk * 2 - b.def * 1 x = equipment slot ID - 1. (i.e. if the Summoner Robe can only be equip in the Body slot which is number four in the...
  4. CrocPirate

    RMMZ How to trigger skill after a state has expired

    Try this: <JS On Expire State> user.forceAction(101, -1); BattleManager.forceAction(user); </JS On Expire State>
  5. CrocPirate

    Looking for a female police uniform for RPGmaker MZ

    The closest thing I know of is the Heroine Character Generator 3. There is a police hat, but... the police outfit... well, shall we say isn't very formal. However it isn't a big problem if you are willing to do a small sprite edit on the generator parts.
  6. CrocPirate

    Weapon Slot Locking: Dual Wielding

    It's for an actor wielding two weapons at once, one in each hand. What the original question is sealing the 2nd weapon slot when a dual wielder is equipping a single weapon that requires BOTH hands to wield.
  7. CrocPirate

    Weapon Slot Locking: Dual Wielding

    You might want to look at Maliki's Dual Wield plugin: You can use the <twohand> notetag on a two-handed weapon that will seal the 2nd weapon slot.
  8. CrocPirate

    Event Magnificent Mapping Match Submission Thread

    Here's my submission. Credits: RPG Maker MZ RTP Me: custom edits. Visustella: plugins for lighting, weather effects, and parallax mapping.
  9. CrocPirate

    Bravely Default Job Levels?

    I think what you are looking for is Yanfly's Job Points plugin. Wiki: Download: or
  10. CrocPirate

    Visustella Save Core Display Gold on Save File

    Yeah, you could probably use a <JS> Variable to do it. Just name a variable: Party_Gold <JS>$</JS> Then use \v[x] in the save description.
  11. CrocPirate

    Adding a message when you equip a weapon

    I think Nerine wrote a plugin similar to what you need last year. Here's the thread:
  12. CrocPirate

    RMMZ How to cause a state to flag a character as dead using Visustella plugins?

    Just use the <Group Defeat> notetag from the Skills and States Core plugin.
  13. CrocPirate

    How do you use TP in your game, if at all?

    I use it as a gauge for a character's limit breaker skills.
  14. CrocPirate

    Sharing my Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

    A Calvin and Hobbes reference, nice. I see you're a man of culture.
  15. CrocPirate

    Weapon Ideas

    1. I can imagine Chakrams being a back row weapon that has a small chance to attack all enemies. 2. Maybe a beastmaster enemy can wield the urumi. Perhaps they can whip their allies with the weapon to raise their Attack stat. Maybe their regular Attack skill can damage an opponent 2 to 3...
  16. CrocPirate

    RMMZ VisuStella - Skills and States Core, JS Passive Condition

    It's like what @eomereolsson said, you need a Logical And. Try this code: <JS Passive Condition> if (!user.isStateAffected(41) && !user.isStateAffected(45)){ condition = 1; } else { condition = 0; } </JS Passive Condition>
  17. CrocPirate

    Your favorite RPG class?

    Blue Mages. I always love the idea of learning skills/spells that only enemies can use.
  18. CrocPirate

    Instant kill attacks?

    For enemies I feel that an instant kill move is okay if it's a late-game enemy or an enemy that's located in an optional dungeon. But only if the enemy perform the skill rarely or there's a way for the player to avoid the attack. (ie the attack does nothing if the actor guards or have a piece of...
  19. CrocPirate

    Writers block on these character classes. Any ideas to make them all viable?

    Does your game have skill cooldowns? The Time Mage could have a skill that lowers the cooldowns for allies' skills. And since you are using the CTB system, maybe for the brawler you could have an attack that damages the target AND change the target's turn order so they could go last. The whole...

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