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  1. Kaligath

    Why is there no folder to organize stuff inside the program?

    I have used a number of developer programs yet for some reason RPG Maker MZ does not utilize folders that would in essence keep things organized within the software its self. Stuff like within the database im forced to make like 50 slots merely because i want to keep say items organised making...
  2. Kaligath

    Curious question to those who create a custom tile set.

    Just a curious question to creators out there when creating a custom tile set what is the most common ones you use do you use all the auto tile slots or maybe none at all and just stick with the B C D and E or maybe a mixture of both?
  3. Kaligath

    I am a little perplexed on how to walk behind cliffs

    Anyone know how to solve this issue i am having i built a cliff two high but there is a part i want the player to be able to walk behind but here is where the problem starts due to tile set being 4 direction collision if i was to put the upper part of the cliff on that means the lower part to...
  4. Kaligath

    Need help with a formula i cant remember how i did it.

    Basically the more TP the character gains the less damage the character does think of it like fatigue and the way to reduce TP is by using the guard command that its done in % due to TP can only ever go to 100 so at 100 you would be fully fatigue and do 0 damage. As for reducing it that is...
  5. Kaligath

    Currently making a bunch of tilesets but need some advice from skilled developers

    Firstly when you design a tileset what is your thought process to keep it organised? Secondly if i made part of a tileset but added stuff to it later on provided i leave all the current images alone will it be okay or would it cause potential destruction to my project? Third and finally having...
  6. Kaligath

    I need help with biomes advice would be much apreshated.

    I have tried a number of ways to interlink biomes but reviewing them they do not feel as if they go with each other i have even looked at real world examples but every time i try to replicate it feels somewhat odd. This is the resource i have been reviewing...
  7. Kaligath

    I am a little lost and overwhelmed and could really use some help...

    I have been messing around with the RPG MV program for over 270 hours now testing and trailing all the stuff you can do with it but when i wanted to make a game my mind just goes blank but before i had all these ideas i wanted to use in a game. Is this something that happens to people or am i...
  8. Kaligath

    Grass meets desert and snow.

    So the topic of this thread is what is everyone's view point on geography when two biome's meet i am asking this because i can never figure out fluid connection between when one biome transitions into another without feeling its out of place people do tell me just look at earth but i am not sure...
  9. Kaligath

    Getting frustrated with this event not working as intended please help.

    Basically the player enters a room that is empty with only a switch when they activate the switch a chest should appear. The process i have as follows for the switch (message) Control switches #0002 On For the chest Conditions the top one is ticked switches #0002 But when i play the game the...
  10. Kaligath

    i am new and need help with creating my game.

    New to rpg maker and i read that people keep saying a rpg game requires a plot to function. What i am stuck on is i don't really know how to make a plot how to structure it and what not most things i have seen online baffle me. So far what i want my game to be about is the balance between...

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