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  1. Bastrophian

    About RMDS Fes Icon Assets

    So, I owned these tiles for a little while now, and fairly recently I purchased the Fes maker durring a sale on the nintendo store (I also own the DS & DS+ for the record). However, I noticed from messing with the 3DS Game version that there are a few things in the assets that were not included...
  2. Bastrophian

    GIMP: Rainbow Effect Help?

    Trying to apply a rainbow/multicolor effect to tiles in gimp using a gradiant but having issues with making them tile seamlessly, does anyone know how I may be able to do this?
  3. Bastrophian

    Topic: DOORS! "... How do they get in there anyway?!"

    So, I posted a status about using doors/passages when they are not vissable to the player due to limitations on perspective. What methods do use to convey to the player that there is a passage/entrance of a building that cant been seen due to their position being obscured/not having a visable...
  4. Bastrophian

    Learning to compose Music with a DAW?

    I want to learn to compose/play music... one of the big problems with that however is I dont have and cant afford an instrument. I am however studying music thoery in the meantime, but I would like to have some way to practice and use what I learn as I, I thought about maybe using a DAW...
  5. Bastrophian

    Storeing Individual Digits from a Int Variable...

    So, after hours of mathing I made this event work the way I wanted... it stores the indiviual digits of a number in four variables. My intentions for this are to get the individual stats of the players characters to display on a custom status screen.... just cuz. As I stated, the event seems to...
  6. Bastrophian

    HP Laptop Weirdness...

    Any geekfu masters here who know how a laptop thats just had its Hard Drive wiped could still be able to partially load an OS? .... Im sure its just one of those little mysteries of trouble shoot life thats beyond my mortal comprehension, but .... its causing me expensive problems and it needs...
  7. Bastrophian

    I had sleep paralysis :(

    So, I just woke up not too long ago... still kinda reeling from a bout of sleep paralysis. I know its fairly common, and just a waking nightmare, and also this is not the first time for me, but I've never really gotten used to how vivid the visual hallucination can get. This time, It started...
  8. Bastrophian

    Mental Health (More Specifically pertaining to Schizophrenia)

    Please READ : Due to the nature of this topic I feel it is needed of me to clarify that this is NOT by any means a thread one should seek mental health advisory from. The purpose of this thread is to discuss the topic of mental health, pertaining to Schizophrenia in particular, to share about...
  9. Bastrophian

    Ways to Make Equipment viable throughout a Game

    I dont know about you but it feels kind of tedious to me making so many items, mainly equipment, that only end up being used for one span or section of a game, or until something "better/stronger" comes along. That weapon you found way in the back of an out of the way dungeon that has an added...
  10. Bastrophian

    How to store "EXP to Next Level" in a variable?

    Currently, I have successfully created an event that allows a player to level up their party members using gold. The player will activate the event, choose "Level up" from a choice box, then another choice box appears with the names of the fours active party members asking to choose which to...
  11. Bastrophian

    Lets Talk CPU Core Temp!

    So, Im trying to be a bit more conscious of the temperature of the CPU in my kinda new Laptop, so I downloaded a program called CoreTemp. Its helped a little bit, but now Im a little confused. This is the read it was giving me as I opened desktop snipping tool... now its back to below 40...
  12. Bastrophian

    Using tile assets smaller than default 48x48

    Hello all, its been a while, how yall doin? :D I come to you today with a query, if you would be so kind as to indulge me. Recently the RM Store has released a series of lovely retro pixel animation assets, and for a few years now there have been 16x16 tile sets available which are either...
  13. Bastrophian

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Thread

    I was originally going to make a thread asking about how chaining works, but I don't think there's yet a FFBE thread on here yet, so why not just make it a general chat area for the game too :) ? Anyway, I'll start. ------------ So I finally have a team of all 6* characters! Trans Terra...
  14. Bastrophian

    Dear Musicers...

    ... I am have troubles :/ . I just bought cool software on steam called, Rytmik. It is much awesome, but I am have troubles. I am realizing the making of musics is many over my head. I am liking the ideas of making the musics, but its much many harder than I.... SQUIRREL!!!..........than I...
  15. Bastrophian

    Health Indicator Show Picture Help?

    Im trying to figure out how to show a picture, that indicates the overall health of the party, based on opacity, with fair health making the picture more transparent, and making the opacity lessen as the parties health declines. So... if theres a character that need to be healed, the player will...
  16. Bastrophian

    SV Battler Sprites Positioning Plugin

    I really need a plugin that enables you to custom position the players side view battlers on the battle screen. I want to line them up like this: I swear I thought one of yanflys plugins could do it, but I cant seem to find it. I searched other forums, and read post referring to "A plugin...
  17. Bastrophian

    Cultural Significance of Japanese Gen Part Sets

    First, i LOVE the verity present in these new gen part packs! ^__^ However, being from the west, I find myself wondering what the cultural significance of some of the hats and masks are , if there is any (though im sure there is). I recognize the red mask with the big nose, but i dont remember...
  18. Bastrophian

    Gettin' Organized!!

    People in my life, since way way back in grade school, have always tried to drill into me the importance of being organized, and I'm by no means disagreeing with that. When I was in elementary school they assigned my class mates and I all these kiddie planners that we always wrote down our...
  19. Bastrophian

    Creating Skill Animations?

    Ok, so im trying to further hone my pixel arting skills. Ive been working on sprite and tiles in pixel art style, but I also want to make "Skill animations" that match...So, to those of you who have made skill animations before, or even if you havent but are familiar with the process, how do you...
  20. Bastrophian

    PixelHeart's Pixel Freebies!

    Place holder text for pixel asset freebies!! Coming Soon! :D

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