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  1. bgillisp

    God why

    I merged your posts as we would prefer that as one post. The way quote works though it is easy to accidentally do them as individual posts, but you can get around that with the @ feature to tell them you are responding to their post. Back on topic now though. Created any new faces to share?
  2. bgillisp

    Post your party! Who are they, tell me about 'em!

    @HexMozart88 : Age is hard to tell honestly in RL. I know one lady who still looks like she is under 18. She's in her 30s. And she is mad she gets carded all the time. Even been accused of having a fake ID as they are like there is no way you are in your 30s. But overall, their age is also not...
  3. bgillisp

    Post your party! Who are they, tell me about 'em!

    This one is pretty early in development, and the 5th party member is not yet listed or even in the game yet. Here is what is known: Martin: Age: 21. Works in town as a medic at the Science school in town. Leader of the team. Ellie: Age: 20. Childhood friend of Martins, but she left town when...
  4. bgillisp

    God why

    Yeah randomize can get you some interesting creations. When I was starting out in RPGMaker this site did a little contest where you hit random on the generator in ACE and then made a game with whatever the generator spat out. The games were entertaining to play needless to say.
  5. bgillisp

    God why

    You've been playing with the random button in the generator I see. Welcome to the dark side.
  6. bgillisp

    Joining the ranks of the teachers?

    Joining the ranks of the teachers?
  7. bgillisp

    Could I get sued for having a similar title for my game?

    It varies by laws in your area. In my area as long as the title has no trademarked words in it, the answer is then it is ok to give it that name. You can even give it the same title as another game as long as they didn't trademark their name (though you probably don't want to do that due to...
  8. bgillisp

    Join me in Iowa. You'll hate it by the end of the year.

    Join me in Iowa. You'll hate it by the end of the year.
  9. bgillisp

    List your red flags

    Also it is highly inappropriate to DM others to continue a thread after it is locked. End of discussion means end of discussion. Respect everyone's wishes and move on. Thanks.
  10. bgillisp

    Hope you've been enjoying it! Sadly I got class now at that time.

    Hope you've been enjoying it! Sadly I got class now at that time.
  11. bgillisp

    Conversation Cutscenes

    This may also help you to better see what we are talking about:
  12. bgillisp

    Do RPGM dev's hate Steam?

    One thing you all forgot, and I can say this as I live in the USA. You *have* to pay taxes on that income at end of year. USA taxes any income from any source, and failure to report it can get the IRS on you. So you might not pay that taxes via steam, but you pay around 30% at year end in taxes...
  13. bgillisp

    I often start another project when the old one is done and in testing phases. That also gives me...

    I often start another project when the old one is done and in testing phases. That also gives me something to do as I await results.
  14. bgillisp

    So, uh, what's this RPG Maker Unite thing?

    Let me put it this way about that trailer. I was in the group that was probably going to get this day 1 to play with. After seeing that trailer I will not and will wait a while now. I was actually really close to removing from wishlist on Steam and just forgetting about it, it was THAT bad.
  15. bgillisp

    Critical evasion rate term discussion

    One solution I'm trying in my MZ project is Critical Evasion is just removed from the game completely. Everyone has 0% in it and enemies can't crit ever (0% crit rate). Then I have no need to even display it as it will always be 0%. That would be one solution too if you wanted to make that...
  16. bgillisp

    List your red flags

    Mathematically: Minority: < 50% of the population by definition of minority. That's all I'll say on this topic as there are too many landmines here. But by definition that is how it is defined.
  17. bgillisp

    List your red flags

    Careful with name calling please. Debating is fine, name calling is not. Thank you.
  18. bgillisp

    When The Light Dies

    Let me point something out. We CANNOT legally let you critize another company on here, P-E-R-I-O-D. That's due to international law. We are not a fan forum, we are a company ran forum, and as such are bound by the laws for it which state that attacks posted against other companies we cannot host...
  19. bgillisp

    Need some help, cannot open a game on my MacBook Pro. The game was made from the RPG Maker MV.

    There are two possible causes: 1) The game was made to run on a PC. The dev will need to make a separate MAC build and due to Apple rules it needs to also be made and deployed on a MAC. If they don't have one it will usually fail even if they check the deploy to MAC build. This is a rule by...
  20. bgillisp

    What's the pros and cons of having separated stats like STR and ATK?

    Most games I've played that have the two separate use STR for how much you can carry, as well as how much damage you do, and ATK for how likely you are to hit. So basically ATK controls hit rate, and STR controls how much damage you do when and if you hit.

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