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  1. Shaz

    regexp in VX help

    I have the following script in VX Ace: case line when /<down\s*(\w+)\s*(\d+)\s*(\d+)>/i # <down Damage4 3 2> in note @down_name = $1 @down_x = $2.to_i @down_y = $3.to_i When it runs, those variables are populated correctly with the regexp results. I've...
  2. Shaz

    Shadow tiles in VX

    Does anyone know the logic behind drawing the shadow tiles in VX? I notice there's no shadow pen and no shadow layer like Ace and later engines have, so the game must do all the calculations at the time the map loads. Hoping it's not too complicated.
  3. Shaz

    [VX] Can't get character_name for page graphic

    I have a script that looks something like this: graphic = page.graphic p graphic.character_name p graphic.character_index p graphic.direction p graphic.pattern When it runs, the output for character_index, direction and pattern are all correct, but the character_name is always blank. This is...
  4. Shaz

    RMMV Learning javascript outside of RPG Maker

    I want to build a tool to use in game development, but not to run inside RPG Maker itself. My vast knowledge of Javascript involves adding something to the RM core scripts - I've never made anything that runs without them. What I want to do is have a web page with some UI elements, detecting...
  5. Shaz

    Any pics of Trinity tilesets?

    The store page only shows one screenshot, and also says some Trinity tiles are the same as MV's. Do the outdoor tiles all have the square cliffs like MV, or rounded? Is the art style / colours compatible with FSM?
  6. Shaz

    RMMZ array.length is not correct - what's it doing?

    I'm making a plugin in MZ where one of the parameters is defined as: @param allValues @type number[] @default ["10","20","30","40","50","60","70"] It is showing up correctly in my plugins.js file. In my code, I've added var allValues = params.allValues; // after getting all the parameters...
  7. Shaz

    Can I use audio DLC for things other than games?

    Some of the audio DLC says it can be used "in other engines of your choice". Can I use these for things not related to game making? For example, as a background track in a completely unrelated youtube video? @Touchfuzzy @Archeia
  8. Shaz

    All of my image links have stopped working

    I noticed a couple of days ago that the image in my signature is no longer showing, but now appears as a broken link. Someone else just commented on one of my tutorials that they cannot see the images. I looked at this post just a few days ago and the images were all fine, and today they are...
  9. Shaz

    Humble video/audio creation bundle Includes Music Maker ACID Music Stuido 11 Soundpool EDM Discharge Video Pro X11 VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum Sound Forge Audio Studio 13 Sounds like an interesting bundle - can...
  10. Shaz

    Enhancements for my MV plugins (& porting to MZ)

    While thinking about porting my MV plugins to MZ (and some to Ace and VX and maybe XP as well), I realised some of them could be tweaked as well as made to be more user friendly. If you've used any of my plugins and have suggestions for simple enhancements, please post them here so I can start...
  11. Shaz

    To Steam, or not to Steam - that is the question

    Got a new computer arriving soon - hopefully will be installing all my program this weekend. Debating whether to install Steam or not ... what do you think? I really don't like the platform at all! So looking for folks to sell me on the benefits - what am I missing if I don't get it, and...
  12. Shaz

    Which of my plugins would you like ported to MZ?

    I really don't know where to post this, as it's not a request or support ... but anyway. Do you use any of my plugins for MV and would like to see them for MZ (if the engine doesn't include that functionality by default)? Please comment below which ones, so I can prioritise. Actor Stepping...
  13. Shaz

    Any tutorials for editing sprites

    Does anyone have links to good tutorials that show how to edit existing sprites? I'm thinking poses that would often be in a game but not be made by a character generator ... - falling - riding a horse - rowing a boat - swimming My art skills include making lines and shapes with so...
  14. Shaz

    How to move RTP to a new location?

    I have just installed XP on a different machine, and by default (and without asking), it put the RTP into Program Files. I would like it to be on my second drive, so I have copied the folder over there, and renamed the original. When I start XP it tells me it can't find the files, but I don't...
  15. Shaz

    Latest Threads glitch

    The Latest Threads (top right) takes me to the latest profile posts when I click on it. It's been this way since the beginning, but I never mentioned it as I assumed it was a work-in-progress.
  16. Shaz

    New tutorials, troubleshooting, videos, stuff

    I'm planning on making a few tutorials and maybe some videos (if I can find some good free screen capture software - haven't started looking yet). I've got a list of things, but thought I'd put it out there to see if there's anything you see coming up over and over in the forums that people...
  17. Shaz

    Steam keys with purchases from RPG Maker Web store

    Is the free Steam key with a purchase of MV from the web store a permanent thing? I thought it was only temporary and went away, but understand it came back (don't know when) - is it staying for good? Is that just a thing with MV, or does it apply to the other game engines as well...
  18. Shaz

    Issues with new theme

    I'm using the light theme. When I'm writing a post, and I want to select some text to erase, the highlight color is dark, but the text color is also dark, and I can't read what I've selected. If I get an alert and click the icon in the top right corner, they appear as light text on dark...
  19. Shaz

    How do I find "threads I started"?

    Okay, this has got me stumped. On the previous version of the forum, I could search for posts without using a keyword, where the author is me. I could then filter the results to remove my replies to other people's threads and only see threads that I started. I can't figure out how to do that...
  20. Shaz

    Copy/paste map sections between projects

    Does this not work? I thought it did. I can copy sections of maps to other maps within the same project, but if I try to copy to a different project, it doesn't work. The selection rectangle when I move over the map in the new project is only one tile, rather than the correct width/height...

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