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  1. Tanarex

    Looking for a someone to create a script that allows the player to target individual enemies for multiple attacks.

    Instead of just 2, three, or 4 random targets. That way a player won't randomly hit targets with spells that might accidentally cure the enemy, etc. A Fire Spell on a Fire Elemental for example. I found one script that does this but it was for MV. And I found another that works just for the...
  2. Tanarex

    Aliment Guard has zero effect

    I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to make a boss immune to state effects. So I give him Aliment Guard under features. Elemental rate 100%. No effect. Elemental rate 0%. Still nothing. State rate 100%. State rate 0%. Nope. State resist? Nope.
  3. Tanarex

    Having trouble fitting all the multiple choice options on the screen

    Pretty sure I have to alter the Large Choices by Hime script. But don't know how.
  4. Tanarex

    Looking for a targeting script. Didn't see one in the master script list

    Looking for a script that would allow me to choose enemy targets instead of just randomly hitting them if more than one is selected.
  5. Tanarex

    New question about Yanfly Engine Ace - Steal Items v1.03

    This is for the question I wanted to originally post before I found a problem with the steal percentage. That was of course my own fault. I wanted to know if I could make it so the steal skill failed the first 3 times but succeeded on the 4th?
  6. Tanarex

    Need help with Yanfly Engine Ace - Steal Items v1.03. Just when I think I figured this thing out it doesn't work right. I can change the success rate under invocation on the skill itself. But whatever success rate I put on the gold/item, etc itself under the enemy's note tag...
  7. Tanarex

    Looking for help with a 'battle event' under 'troops' tag.

    I'm trying to make a tutorial during their 1st battle that will explain the character's abilities but only right before it is their turn to act. Right now I have it so all 4 characters say their skills at the start of the battle. Which isn't ideal. I don't want to melt anyone's brain with an...
  8. Tanarex

    Need help with battler targeting script.

    I DL Yanfly Engine Ace - Lunatic Targets v1.0 But I can't remember how the <custom target: string> thing works. I want the player to be able to choose multiple targets separately and not just at random.
  9. Tanarex

    Need help with monsters on maps attacking players.

    I'm adding monsters on the main map that can attack players but am not sure how to make them deal damage. They also go off in a crazy direction. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Tanarex

    I'm having collision detection issues.

    My mapper created a custom map for me but didn't add any collision detection to it. And now my character can swim through islands. Putting 'x's on the island parts has no effect for obvious reasons. I tried to replace the island parts with the tileset but they are off by a lot. So I'm hoping...
  11. Tanarex

    I'm seeking a moderator help with crashing game for vx ace.

    I am working with a mapper and sent him an unencrypted file of my game. He has all the DLCs and stuff. But when he sent it back to me it crashes when I click on game.rvproj2. To get to the editor. So he says it works fine on the computers at his end. But crashes on my end with a 'failed to load...
  12. Tanarex

    Need help with events and regions.

    So I want one type of Enemy (a moving event) to not get blocked by another moving event (a pushable boulder). So I was trying to use Yangfly move restrict script to prevent them from crossing paths. But I don't know how to separate the NPC events. I thought I could use event I.D tags but it...
  13. Tanarex

    Having issue with Yanfly Engine Ace - Enemy Target Info v1.02

    I saw another post about this but it didn't help. I was wondering if I could make it so pushing the shift button has no effect at all until I get the Bestiary Book.
  14. Tanarex

    Having trouble timing in game battle conditions.

    I want Vincent to say something before the Den Mother's Wolf Howl goes off but it only works the 1st 2 times. No, I don't really know what I'm doing.
  15. Tanarex

    Having trouble with Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System for VX Ace not displaying all ingredients.

    If I have more than 6 ingredients listed to create something it only shows 5. So I would like to know which script line I need to change to fix this. I couldn't figure out why all the ingredients were lit up but still couldn't make it. Then saw it only had 5 of the 6 ingredients listed.
  16. Tanarex

    Stuck again. Hving trouble with Quest Journal [VXA]Author: modern algebr

    The first objective doesn't show up.
  17. Tanarex

    Having trouble with simple moving boulder puzzle.

    I just want my character to move a boulder to a corner then just have it say, "can't move it anymore". Instead of having it still make the sound and movement effect. The tutorials have been unhelpful.
  18. Tanarex

    I need help with tracking a timer through different areas and...

    having its effect trigger regardless of which area they are in.
  19. Tanarex

    How do I stopped a 'control: timer stop' event from triggering?

    I have a timed event (Let's say it's a race) that stops when you reach a certain spot and another event that triggers when you don't. But if you reach it with zero seconds left both events trigger. So how do I stop it so only the out-of-time event triggers?
  20. Tanarex

    I'm keep getting a 'failed' response in combat when I tried to use a new skill.

    I have one character that has the formation ability. He can use it to buff the entire party's defense by 25%. But I also have a follow-up skill that lowers his defense in return by 25%. And have both the buff and debuff last the same amount of time. I tried using Param under effects. But that...

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