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  1. Bonkers

    Pop! Horror Style White Board IGMC

    I'm in need of a prop for a game which uses Vex's POP! Horror City style in which several children are planning something. The white board can have things drawn on it, or be blank. It can be any size or style (single sided or flip). This is for an IGMC project, and is needed before November...
  2. Bonkers

    Text pixel cut off

    I'm wondering what's causing the left most section of text to have a few pixels trimmed off. Using Message Core Yanfly and Galv's Message Portraits. Any help or fix is appreciated, and thank you.
  3. Bonkers

    TRADE Seeking skilled Musician and expert Mapper for an IGMC project.

    I am looking for a team for the IGMC, namely of talented individuals who can provide the following services: Composer capable of providing at least 3 'retro tune' fantasy tracks with a main theme, and a mapper who can use a given tile set to make a world map, 2 dungeons, and several small...
  4. Bonkers

    RMMV [RSE] Silver Town: The Extradition

    Placeholder Title art by RadioStarKiller Sai. Chibis by Maki Kuta. New Title screen is by @tv.ghost Please excuse the dust, this thread is under heavy construction. How can you help? A special custom banner will be made for your signatures, and is being updated for the 29th...
  5. Bonkers

    Adjusting the position of ButtonSet.png asset

    I tried making a new set of buttons, but unless I make them 20x20(Very small and aligned up near the top of the original dimensions), I cannot fit them properly inside of the crafting or shop window. I've looked at the master list and on site, but no one has done a plug in or controls for the...
  6. Bonkers

    Behavior Tutorial

    So I've been asked a few times now for a year to do a guide for behaviors. I've made about 200 'behaviors' for commerical(90)/noncommerical(110+) games now. That's single cells, not full 'animations' or cycles themselves. Before I did a tutorial showcasing the simplest one, recall in restaff...
  7. Bonkers

    Palladinthug's Artwork(Under Construction)

    Hello. I've been around for a while now so I figured I'd post some examples of my work. I've done things for several commercial releases, official releases, and even non commercial work as well as restaff releases. After the last huge project I wanted to get some of my things here for people...
  8. Bonkers

    Stamina for Player Actions

    I'd like a plug in that can show a stamina pool for doing tasks which can reduce, add, and replenish this resource via note tags or plug in calls.  Examples would be digging, plowing, chopping, and watering.  These actions would take away from the stamina reserve, stored in a variable, and...
  9. Bonkers

    Request: Common Event/Input during dialogue window

    Would it be possible for MV plugins to accept an input/common event during a dialogue window being open?  I'd like to activate something when a character says dialogue, then player can freely go to the menu to save or revisit information and come back to the same message where they left off. ...
  10. Bonkers

    (Completed!)Jayce and Stacy Ruin Everything: The Resident House of Evil on Haunted Silent Hill

    Jayce and Stacy have been invited to a mysterious mansion for a party. What they find will shock you. Solve Puzzles. Kill Zombies. Collect Beverages. Drink previously mentioned beverages. Destroy property and disrespect people like a real teenager would. Click the Cake to DOWNLOAD...
  11. Bonkers

    RPG Maker MV Game Making Drive

      Welcome to the first MV Game Making Drive.  By now a lot of you have had time to really look at the new program and get a feel for what you would like to do.   This GMD is here to help you with that.  Many have already started, some are porting over, and others are still deciding what they...
  12. Bonkers

    Simple Bar Display with Variable control

    Similar to Galv's I'd like a plug in that does the same features and works with a graphic to display a variable when called to do so. I have seen Galv has started to convert his original scripts from ACE to MV, but I...
  13. Bonkers

    Simple Particle Engine Plugin

    I'd like to know if it would be possible to have a small particle engine plugin made.  Nothing too extreme, just the usual that can take a png image and control color as well as direction of particles. My intent is to use it with maps, and the title screen.  I can supply samples for particles if...
  14. Bonkers

    Yanfly Message Core: Name Window Distortion

    A quick question regarding why this is happening, I have moved the name window down and over to be close to the dialogue window to accommodate a custom picture.  I've altered the system window png and removed the window boarder and texture. Even without the boarder in the png for the system...
  15. Bonkers

    GMD for MV - End of January Beginning of Feb.

    How would all the day one buyers feel if we had a small community run Game Making Drive for MV when it came out?  I'd like to try out the engine and make a game with it to test the waters and riding that rush through the weekend. It would be a 72 hour deal starting on the Friday Release and...
  16. Bonkers

    [IGMC 2015] Jayce and Stacy RUIN the IGMC for EVERYONE!

    Download:    Jayce and Stacy are two regular teenagers with a secret, the trouble is so are Claude and Mana. When they combine forces to build a game for the IGMC their collective abilities amount to- nothing. Stacy in charge of writing cannot write anything but fan fiction, Jayce the musician...
  17. Bonkers

    IGMC material - Badly played music

    I am in need of a simple piece of music a beginner can play from the public domain, such as Swan Lake.  The instrument can be any that is played in a high school band. The piece needn't be longer than a few seconds or 1 min in length.  The music must be terrible and show a distinct lack of...
  18. Bonkers

    What layer is text drawn on?

    I'd like to put a picture over text, but I do not know what layer text is drawn on. Here is an example of what I'd like to do in the editor: I'd like the hand and ripping picture to be over the text itself.  I just need to know what layer to set it on. I can only get to 100 on "Show...
  19. Bonkers

    Super Simple Mouse Script and MOG - Rin Title Screen

    The two scripts I am using are: (Paste bin to save the trouble of downloading a whole demo for one script) The problem I am having is...
  20. Bonkers

    Enabling instant movement for the player to an event in Super simple mouse system

    Link to the Script: Hello, I've come across an obstacle when designing some puzzles for my game.  What I'd like is for events marked via a comment or an...

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