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  1. Cqualt

    Event reseting through time or steps

    Hey guys ive had alot of trouble and even tried googling and cannot come up with a solution so im here to ask some help if anyone knows an answer The scenario : there is 3 different Mining rocks to "mine" after mining Rock #1 it will dissappear into a crumbled state My goal : making it reset...
  2. Cqualt

    FROZEN! Problem with my game?!?!

    Hey guys so long story short i cannot for the life of me understand why my game is not continuing , its the start of the game there is a scene before this with an autorun and then it transfers to "Home" then a small cut scene plays PERFECTLY and then towards the end everything happens.. as...
  3. Cqualt

    Snowman Character Face

    Hey guys! ive been searching on here in resources but cant seem to find any.. wondering if any1 had or knew of any snowman faces for the dialogue? if not i can live without :)
  4. Cqualt

    Boulder events...

    Hey guys! so ive been searching and tinkering but cannot figure out something so i thought i'd make a thread... now.. ive been trying to make it so that when you push a "boulder" on ice it will slide until it hits into a wall or "dry" spot to step on then stand still or break after or whatever...
  5. Cqualt

    Gametitle/chat boarders

    Hey game makers!!! So although ive been around a little bit im still constantly learning everyday about RPGMV and such and im not the best at coordinating resources although i try my very best not to be a bother and etc but i thought i'd make a thread on seeing if anyone know where i could find...
  6. Cqualt

    Font changing, Driftwood gaming

    Hey guys! i watched a Driftwood gaming video tutorial on how to change text through the same method, After downloading and installing the desired font and copy pasting it from the fonts folder into the game font folder, Driftwood recommend you change to just "GameFont" in YEP Coreengine and...
  7. Cqualt

    Audio troubles?

    Hey game makers! i hope im using the right forum, im having audio troubles with RPG MV , Basically i downloaded and wanted to use an audio clip for different title screen music and i downloaded and converted into OGG file but i am unable to select it through system in the RPGMV program, so then...
  8. Cqualt

    Looking for New Sprites/Tileset

    Hey guys! so im nearly finished making my game although i like the default graphics and chibi characters ive been advised not to use them as it deters people from playing your game. im currently looking for a program to make new different looking characters(sprites) whether i can do myself or...
  9. Cqualt

    Making new character sprite?

    Hey game makers! So... ive been looking on how to change my actual sprite design of the characters im using apart from using the default rpg maker sprites, i stumbled upon Game Character Hub but it doesnt seem to provide a battler or knocked down version of the sprite, if so how? also is there...
  10. Cqualt

    Can someone steal your game?

    Hey rpg people!!! just had a question i think i already know the answer to but love to have a confirmed answer! :) If i go to my RPGMV and then "Deployment" and deploy without the actual files of the game and send it to a friend via uploaded weblink is there a way someone could steal it? claim...
  11. Cqualt

    1 event for 4 different locations.

    Hey! usually i dont ask for alot of help but im really stuck on this one guys... if you guys could come up with a solution that would be AWESOME, if im smart enough to follow what you say. lol So basically... im using a parallel to locate 4 different events using map x and y for "boulder 1 2 3...
  12. Cqualt

    Boat/vehicles not spawning.

    Hey there, so basically whether I go into system or right click quick spawn if ANY vehicle whether on land or different types of sea, vehicles don't seem to spawn in game. Any ideas? Googled can't find answer. Thank u
  13. Cqualt

    Boulder puzzle

    Hey guys! So I'm trying to make a few traps/puzzles and there's 1 I can't seem to find or figure out. Basically what I want to do is there will be for example a hole and I can't cross over the hole and the hole is the only way past, I want it so when I push a boulder I can make it fill the hole...
  14. Cqualt

    Auto run doesn't work?

    Hey guys! So ive been experiencing a problem lately where if u walkinto a room from a Town either parallel/auto run doesn't run as soon as you walk into the room from town and I can't figure out why? No other events are running it's a fresh clean room. But for some reason auto run /parallel...
  15. Cqualt

    Music scenes?

    Hey guys how are you all! :) I seem to be having a problem changing music (BMG) in cutscenes.... For example . *hard music plays* joe: hello everyone *sad music plays* Ashley: hiiii joe Scene ends. *soft music plays* Seem to be having trouble making this happen using parallel with BMG and...
  16. Cqualt

    Json file opening problem

    Hey guys! Noob here, so I'm in a bit of trouble I was opening some JSON files (hero face images) but accidently opened the program in Notepad (Windows 10) I've been trying to spend the last 2 hours figuring out how to convert back or otherwise what program Windows 10 uses to open the JSON...
  17. Cqualt

    Anyone have discord?

    Hey guys ! Noob here , just wanted to see if anyone on here had a discord where all rpg makers talk on? If not maybe we can add each other and talk on discord, swap tips tricks, help people with problems etc? Curious thx :)
  18. Cqualt

    RMMV Beer in game rating?

    Hey there ! Hope this is the right forum. Just wanted to ask a general question to you educated peeps out there. Thinking of putting "beer" in my game Hahaha . If I was to do so would that affect the mature Rating ? Like M for mature or MA 15+ ETC ? Basically would 12 year olds be able to...
  19. Cqualt

    Plz help, 3 events at once

    Hi guys I've been extremely frustrated for a few whole day now trying to make 3 events happen at once. In past I made 2 events (people) run at the same time, cool. This time I'm trying to make 3 events run at the same time,only 2 run and 3rd stays and screen cannot move Basically I'll...
  20. Cqualt

    Buyable tilesets

    Hey guys! Noob here, sorry if it's in the wrong category to post I'm trying my best to post in the correct places. I'm after some new tilesets and found some on This site to purchase which is great but just had a few questions there's 2 I'm interested in 1. FSM town of beginnings tiles, I've...

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