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  1. onewingedangel666


    Does anyone know how I could remove the MP bar from the character's portraits? I don't use MP in my game, because instead it is a part of your HP. I'm using GTBS. EDIT: Also, why doesn't the "abort battle" event work?
  2. onewingedangel666

    Mapping Help: How do I fix this hill???

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can get some help. So as you can see in the above image, I have what is supposed to be an incline, however, it looks.... Off. How do I fix this? Any suggestions?
  3. onewingedangel666

    Seal skills by element?

    Hi everyone I'm hoping someone can help me out. In my game each character can control different elements and cannot use others. I want to be able to seal a whole group of skills by their element instead of creating a skill type for each element. Is there anyone who could script this for me?
  4. onewingedangel666

    Cannot get an an enemy to attack/use a skill in Falco Pearl ABS

    Hi evryone, I'm testing out Falco Pearl's battle system, but i can't seem to get the enemies to work. I have an enemy, it is labeled <Enemy: 01> The first page is blank except the graphic The second page has Self Switch B on. It has a script call of "use_weapon (62)                 ...
  5. onewingedangel666

    Question pertaining to Hime's skill level up script Hi everyon, I wanted to ask a question about the script in the link above. I see that you can reference the skill level in a damage formula, but I wanted to do more with that. I wanted to be able to reference the skill level in a few...
  6. onewingedangel666

    Make a characters AGI the percentage for their HIT rate.

    Hi everyone, I was looking to see if someone could make me a script that does what the title says. Say Eric's AGI is 15: His HIT rate would be %15 and it would fluxuate according to his AGI score. Is this possible? If so, I hope someone can create a script that does this. Thank you.
  7. onewingedangel666

    Is it possible to have your HIT rate for a character equal their AGI?

    Hi everyone, OWA here with a quick question (Hopefully). You know how each class (Or actor) usually would have a set hit rate and evasion rate? (95% / 5% respectively in vanilla rpgmaker) Is it possible to have that number be equal to someones AGI score? Like if thier AGI was 15, the...
  8. onewingedangel666


    Hi everyone, I'll get right too it. I'm looking for a script that would satisfy Three needs 1. After a battle, instead of the normal ending, you instead move to a screen where you gain your EXP, and can then spend it on skills (Which I intend to be variables) as currency. After you are done...
  9. onewingedangel666

    Need ideas for RPTCG!

    HI everyone, some of you know me on the site as Owa, One Winged Angel, etc. and today I'm here to talk about an RPTCG. I think this would be the correct forum, but please mod me if needed. Role Playing Trading Card Game Now Maybe some of you are asking- How can it be an RPG, and a TCG? Well...
  10. onewingedangel666

    Need character faces made in Hero machine drawn in Ace style

    Hi artists, I'm looking for someone who could draw me a few (Six) faces in the style of ace, based off of a few rough sketches I made with Hero Machine. If anyone is interested in more info on this, please reply. I hope I can find someone to work with. Perhaps I made a mistake not putting the...
  11. onewingedangel666

    Is it a bad Idea to use different styled graphics?

    As in, have my main characters portraits in a different style from the NPC's. Like if My main charactres portraits were custom made from Hero Machine, but the rest of the party (Which would be made up of NPC's) had the origianal RPG maker faces? An Example is provided.
  12. onewingedangel666

    What would the best way to go about this be?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to make a game, and am stuck on a character generation system. What i want to do is have a bunch of choosible sprites without any clothes, just hair, eyes, and body (Of course, underwear), as I'm going to use a composite graphics script with armor. Theres a few ways I...
  13. onewingedangel666

    ow custom can you make start menus?

    How custom can menus be? Is there a script for this? Or do you have to script a new menu? I very much so want my menu to be customized like in the attached pics Does anyone know how (im)possible this would be?
  14. onewingedangel666

    Moving mass amounts of scripts from one game(or demo) to another.

    Does anyone know of how I would go about moving all of the script for GTBS from the Demo to my game? I already had scripts in my game, so i can't just replace the script file. Unless you can Merge them?(though i doubt it)
  15. onewingedangel666

    Script for leveled passive skills wanted

    Hello everyone,I would love it if someone could take the time to script this for me- I need each character to have a certain set of skills they can learn List of skills Alchemist     Diplomat          Healer               Loremaster       Mechanic      Merchant Ranger Stealth Thief...
  16. onewingedangel666

    Facesets and Sprites for 13 characters

    Hello everyone, I need some characters recreated in sprite and faceset form, if anyone can do this for me I would be insanely appreciative. In the style of Ace I apologize for the quality of the  Pictures, but 1. I could not find anything larger 2. the chacter look THAT bad in the game...
  17. onewingedangel666

    {VXA} Zu (really big bird) Sprite

    Hi I was hoping someone could make me a sprite of a Zu from Final Fantasy (As shown in attached pic) Not an exact replica or anything, but I need it in FFX's style. Also a yellow version would be awesome. *If you want a battler would be cool too.
  18. onewingedangel666

    {VXAce}Monster Capture System

    Hi, I was hoping I could do this without scripts but it seems not. I would like a script that allows the player to select a command (in this case "Capture") that gives a 25% chance of success if the enemy is below 50% HP. If it succeeds, the enemy is "captured" and an item is added into your...
  19. onewingedangel666

    Large Monster/Animal sprites for battle.

    Hi I've been seahing for these for days but can't find any good sprites that are large enough for what I want. I would just resize the RTP but that makes them look like crap. I can't even find professional resizes of RTP monsters (So sprites don't look blurry) So if anyone could show me where I...
  20. onewingedangel666

    Is this Battle Symphony note wrong somehow?

    Hello all. I am trying to do a bow animation in Yami's Battle Symphony and can't seem to get it to work. "<target action> move user: forward, 6, wait create icon: user, weapon create icon: user, shield icon throw user: target, shield, 5, 20, wait animation 13: target, wait skill effect...

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