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  1. Funes

    Problem with Yanfly's Event Chase Stealth

    That's exactly what I did before posting here. The same goes with my friend I mentioned who tried and see if these plugins work. The Event Chase Player works, but the Event Chase Stealth doesn't.
  2. Funes

    Problem with Yanfly's Event Chase Stealth

    I did just try and see if the plugin at least works, and not, it didn't work either. Btw, thank you guys for trying to help me out!
  3. Funes

    Problem with Yanfly's Event Chase Stealth

    Do you happen to have a sample project of the plugin? Because we already tested everything you both mentioned. I downloaded the Sample project from Yanfly's *******, but even with the plugins installed, it doesn't seem to be used at all.
  4. Funes

    Problem with Yanfly's Event Chase Stealth

    I tried installing Yanfly's Event Chase Player and Event Chase Stealth. The first one works fine, but the other one doesn't work at all. I asked a friend of mine who knows much better RPG Maker MV than me (I only have 30 hours) to see if I was doing something wrong with the plugin and he says...
  5. Funes

    yanfly event chase player line of sight

    I'm having the same problem, except that I already installed the Event Chase Stealth plugin. A friend of mine told me that the problem might the version of the game (1.6.2) and the plugin is outdated. Can anybody help me with this?

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