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  1. Chompil

    help with RGSS Web Kit (RWK)

    so.. I accidentally deleted it. *facepalm* can someone with VX Ace please open this demo & copy the script in it? my VX trial ended.. never mind. found it. posting here, if anyone needs it (works for both VX Ace & RPG Maker XP)
  2. Chompil

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    it looks very natural and beautiful, except those dark tree tops. I always disliked this autotile. I'd edit the tileset to a have a "tight group of trees" instead, assuming you can make it tile properly, to easily make borders.
  3. Chompil

    emotional attachment to your party (monster raising RPG)

    yes, that's one of the monsters. glad you like it ^^ and I actually considered a "ranger" kind of plot, where you go around helping people and monsters. I can see this working. each ranger-mission would have a specific monster to save. they can be the "basic monsters" (hatchling) which then...
  4. Chompil

    emotional attachment to your party (monster raising RPG)

    ok, thanks for the feedback
  5. Chompil

    emotional attachment to your party (monster raising RPG)

    Hello again. I'm working on a monster-raising RPG. I'm looking for ways to make monsters feel special to the player. encourage emotional attachment to them. like, no fusing two monsters, and no easy way to get 99x of the same monster. (so players will deem 98 of them inferior/useless). I was...
  6. Chompil

    help me improve a "Priest" Job

    actually, that fits perfectly with the Sephirot, as they're combinations of each other. the sage is already a jack-of-all-trades. I can make weaker versions of each ability, and spread them to other jobs. Healer can use a bait with sedative, priests can play a lyre to heal status and lure foes...
  7. Chompil

    help me improve a "Priest" Job

    well, there's my problem XD I started with a base idea of the 7 sephirot which each represents a job/ playing style. I did list all the game resources to see if the jobs are useful/balanced, but didn't consider challenges the player will face. though, the main challenge is defeating monsters in...
  8. Chompil

    help me improve a "Priest" Job

    nice. increased damage to evil monsters + defense boost + purifying cursed monsters.. yeah, that'll make it a viable job. and add some coolness factor, play as evil-fighter of sorts
  9. Chompil

    help me improve a "Priest" Job

    I really like this idea. either defense buffs, or prevent status conditions. maybe instead of seeing ghosts, priests can lower damage from Dark or Ghost monsters
  10. Chompil

    help me improve a "Priest" Job

    thanks. but I have a Healer job that does healing, and my game isn't an RPG in the regular sense, there are no mages casting fire/ice attacks, etc. the shaman can be seen as a mage, though, so it's not too far? maybe Priests can protect their team from status conditions. would that be more...
  11. Chompil

    help me improve a "Priest" Job

    So, my game has 7 jobs the player can choose from. they give different abilities. ie: a shepherd can lure monsters with a flute, to fight them all together. hunters can catch animals for hides, etc, or poison monsters with a poison dart. the shaman can see hidden things/ reveal ghosts. but the...
  12. Chompil

    help with RGSS Web Kit (RWK)

    apparently it was both the '/' and the json. thanks ^^ this code works fine, just for reference host = "" path = "" post = "?format=json" result = EFE.request(host, path, post, 80)
  13. Chompil

    help with RGSS Web Kit (RWK)

    thanks, I'll try something which returns JSON
  14. Chompil

    help with RGSS Web Kit (RWK)

    Recently found this script, supposed to allow sending web requests (GET/POST) and fits RGSS, RGSS2, RGSS3. anyone familiar with it? original topic at RPGMakerWeb I can't get it to work though. feels like something silly, as it's supposed to work, and it's a simple GET request. here's my code...
  15. Chompil

    RMXP install file

    does anonye have an old install file for RMXP? I recently re-installed my RPG Maker XP, by downloading the trial from the official website. sadly, there's a bug with the new version in windows 8, which makes the 'transparent' color dark red. it's hard to see the tiles and charcaters with such...
  16. Chompil

    good luck~

    good luck~
  17. Chompil

    (still)working on a RMXP script which gives eventers more power

    (still)working on a RMXP script which gives eventers more power
  18. Chompil

    Trying to make an array that holds equipment.

    I've noticed you've never set the variables slot_id or @item_id. this may cause the nil error you mentioned. also, you shouldn't save both an armor and a weapon for each equipment, it's either or. try something like: list = []actor = $game_actors[2]equips = actor.equipsfor i in...
  19. Chompil

    I do hope this is animal skin /shudders

    I do hope this is animal skin /shudders
  20. Chompil

    ask Chompil

    lol btw, I'm a she :)

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