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  1. FroggyGames

    Xeno Sword: War

    Xeno Swords is a game that will be split up into chapters. Each chapter will be each game in the franchise. There was once a village, a village that was peaceful. It's population was high, everything about the village is just positive! This village is named Kakari Village. But, not everything...
  2. FroggyGames

    Wavy Text Plugin

    Hello. I need a plugin that adds a text code which makes text wavy here's what I mean by wavy text :   But of course I want it animated, if not that's fine. So yeah if anyone can make a plugin with wavy text, let me know.
  3. FroggyGames

    Need A Musical Artist?

    Do you struggle to find a musical artist, or just cannot make your own. Look no further, because I am here. I can help with game OST. Reply to this topic if you need me.  Important stuff:  1. Only reply to this topic if you need me for 1 or two songs, or just want more information 2...
  4. FroggyGames

    Team Needed for Project called "System Factory"

    I'm working on a game called System Factory.   Plot: I need an artist and multiple voice actors. I can't show snapshots of the game because I want to assemble the team first, and then work on it. OPEN POSITIONS  Artist: No one Voice Actor: No one Translator (Not needed until...
  5. FroggyGames

    Beta Testers Needed Buzzline Impulse 2

    Game Info Buzzline Impulse 2 is a sequel to a not-so successful game called Buzzline Impulse If you want to learn the plot of the first game, well here it is. So the main character, Fress, Goes out and adventure to save the world from the infamous demon king. he meets lot's of friends on his...
  6. FroggyGames

    Achievement Plugin Needed

    I am currently working on an game, and I need an achievement plugin for rpg maker mv (of course). I had trouble looking for one, so I requested here. ~ Jusitce_Rulez (a.k.a FroggyGames)
  7. FroggyGames

    RPG Maker MV

    RPG MAKER just came out. I don't know if I should start using it.
  8. FroggyGames

    Graphics Needed

    I need some graphics for my game.  All I need is: 3 tilesets 3 character spritesheets, faces If you need more details than reply :D

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