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  1. TypeError help

    AMD Radeon R5 M430 graphics card.
  2. TypeError help

    I honestly am not totally sure. Hoe wpuld I check if it does?
  3. TypeError help

    It happened when I was intiatong a new game. Edit: I dont know if its plugins because I have not added any plugins lately. The only thing I have done was messing with the database
  4. TypeError help

    Hello I seem to have came across a type error: Failed to attatch shader on WebGLRenderingContext: Parameter 2 is not a type of webHL Shader Would anyone happen to known what this means?
  5. Base stats

    Im more so doing like a group of classes based on type. Example. One group is for warriors:Warrior,Monk,Samurai,Hero(A fire and light magic knight),Beastmaster, Ghost Cleric(Cleric focused on stealth), White Battlemage, Defender, Dragoon, Paladin, Berserker and Ranger. And its a percentage...
  6. Base stats

    So um I had an idea for my game that I could maybe add base stats. I thought full know how it works but I think I came up with a tier percentage system.. The tier system is literally giving an actor parameter bonuses or deductions that alter when they change class. In my game there are a total...
  7. Bypass the 15 skills via leveling limit per Class

    (Facepalm of embarassment) Thank you, sorry for my stupid question. Edit: I asked because the list stopped scrolling upon reaching 15?skills and didnt show any blank slots
  8. Bypass the 15 skills via leveling limit per Class

    Hello, I just bought rpg maker mv in hopes that I could recreate my previous game there.... And have encountered an issue. Its seems that cant set more than 15 skills to be learned per class via leveling..Some of the classes in my game learn more than 15 skills(20~30) And was wondering if there...
  9. Jack's Generator Additions

    Hello, thank you for creating these lovely hair gen parts. Everything works for the most part but as far as the 2part fade its not showing up despite me adding the variation correctly
  10. Requesting help in diagnosing a Syntax Error

    Hello, I am trying to apply a Ninja Throw Script created by Locke, and when I try adding it and play running the game, I receive a syntax error. I'm sorry but could someone please inform me what is causing this error and how to fix it? Script: line 67: Syntax Error occurred. unexpected...
  11. Help with developing Job Classes

    A Not in this project no
  12. Help with developing Job Classes

    Oooookkk. Thanks.. Thats what I was worried about when I was initially coming up with the nine classes. But how would one distribute drained hp from drain attacks to allies? Would I hate to create a state or find a script that would allow such?
  13. Help with developing Job Classes

    Currently working on a project and I decided having nine characters based on the two holy trinities (Tank, Healer, and DPS) and (Fighter, Mage, Thief) 1. Fighter + DPS = Weapon Dancer. Probably typic this class is fast, and able to attack three times. Attack and Agility stats will be on the...
  14. Recoil Damage

    Im so sprry for necroposting but I would like say that there was an easier way to do this.... On Rpg Maker Vx Ace, The above poster, Kea. "c=your_damage_formula;a.hp-=0.25;c" Your formula only subtracts 0.25 point of damage not 25% of the HP. to do this, I just put a.hp/4 instead of 0.25 and it...

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