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  1. Storyteller-Hero

    What Do We Want To See On The Store Page?

    Store pages for commercial RPG Maker games seem to be hit and miss with varying levels of quality, at least on Steam. It might be a good topic for discussion. If I'm a potential customer for your commercial RPG Maker project, these are some things I'd like to see on your store page: ● A decent...
  2. Storyteller-Hero


    Tuesday, 2/22/22 (or 22/2/22 depending on where you live) It is an auspicious day to live. Get outside and have a breath of fresh air. Finish your homework. Spank your kitty. May the Power of Twos be with you twoday.
  3. Storyteller-Hero

    The Importance of Marketing

    Sharing a bit of my ongoing marketing research: For any commercial product, marketing is an important part of how successful it becomes in the marketplace. When it comes to videogames, marketing is extremely vital to sales, because no matter how good a game might be, nobody will buy it if they...
  4. Storyteller-Hero

    Character Art EULA question

    There's this standard line in Degica-published asset packs: "Limited advertising use is also allowed, in the forms of screenshots, videos and other media used to promote the game." If I were to publicly post a webcomic that features the characters in an Degica-published art...
  5. Storyteller-Hero

    MV versus MZ Sprites - Any Differences?

    Can we transfer MV spritesheets to use in MZ without making edits? Do we have to shift walking sprites or adjust their sizes? Also, are there any differences for the battler sheets that should be observed? Do we need to make edits to transfer those, as well as battler weapons?
  6. Storyteller-Hero

    Crunchyroll and Funimation are Performing the Fusion Dance

    As of today, Crunchyroll and Funimation will be under the same ownership. There's mention on the Funimation blog that they'll be creating a "unified" service. This is pretty big for a lot of anime fans.
  7. Storyteller-Hero

    Questions About MV Resources And MZ Compatibility

    I'm thinking about making the transition from MV to MZ and I'm wondering about how much is transferable from MV to MZ. I've read that the walking sprites are different so I guess that means I need to re-purchase or edit parts for character generator? Are the SV battlers for both RPG Makers...
  8. Storyteller-Hero

    Price Calculating for RPGs 2021

    When figuring out a price to set a commercial RPG game made using RPG Maker, it seems logical to consider that when it comes to the general audience for RPGs, the competition is not only other RPG Maker games but also all other RPGs. It might be interesting to look at how big company RPGs and...
  9. Storyteller-Hero

    Developer Transparency in Marketing

    I thought it might be interesting to discuss the effect of transparency when marketing a game. How much do you feel that it matters for a developer to give regular public updates on game development progress? How do you feel sales are affected by whether a developer uses their real name or not...
  10. Storyteller-Hero

    Entering Your Airship While Flying Over Any Terrain (WITH ONLY EVENTING)

    I'm still a greenhorn when it comes to eventing as of this post but this method worked for me, and other people might have had similar issues as I did during trial and error. So building on Driftwood Gaming's Airship Entry tutorial video, I did some testing to overcome beyond entering the...
  11. Storyteller-Hero

    What RPG Maker SAKAN Desperately Needs

    So currently as of this post, RPG Maker SAKAN is neither intuitive nor convenient. Instead of building a custom tile set by copy-pasting multiple parts from imported tile sets onto a blank canvas, the builder forces the user to replace one tile at a time on an existing tile set, and...
  12. Storyteller-Hero

    Mac OS X Catalina Update Compatibility With MV

    Is there going to be a compatibility problem between RPG Maker MV and Mac OS Catalina, or between MV games and Mac OS Catalina? I'm seeing a number of non-RM games on Steam starting to include a disclaimer of not being compatible with Catalina, and I'm wondering if Catalina is going to make all...
  13. Storyteller-Hero

    Random Party Member Selection

    Is there a way to select a party member by their party member # (not their ACTOR ID) in the current party? I want to make a variable that equals [party member #], not actor ID but their current position in the party. Not to check based on Actor ID of party member #x but to choose a random party...
  14. Storyteller-Hero

    My Plugin List is Bigger Than My Thanksgiving Dinner After-Belly

    I've just topped off the first draft for my test project's plugin list in RPG Maker MV, where it's nothing but test events to see if anything breaks - I wanted to start off with a relatively stable foundation before building my first game, which is going to be a big one because it's also for my...
  15. Storyteller-Hero

    Adventurers Journey 2 and 3 for MV have identical music files

    The music packs for Adventurers Journey 2 and 3 for MV have the same music files. Nothing new in 3 so if you bought 2 you already have what's in 3 atm. The Steam page for Adventurers Journey 2 remains without a song list displayed - the list on the page for 3 and the files are the same for both...
  16. Storyteller-Hero

    Stock Art Characters in Commercial Games

    Are there commercial RPG Maker games that use the art and sprites from the purchased character DLC packs? I can't seem to find any game on Steam search that uses purchased stock art such as the busts from Fantasy Heroine Character Pack. If there are games that do use the art and sprites, has...
  17. Storyteller-Hero

    The Emporium of Copper and Steel missing files

    EDIT: The missing ME content issue was fixed after I contacted Degica on their website about it and they instructed me to verify files on the local files window (tab found after right-clicking/control-clicking RPG Maker MV on my library list and then looking at the DLC on it from the options...
  18. Storyteller-Hero

    Organizing Images Used In RPG Maker With iBooks Author

    So I thought I'd share how I'm organizing the images in my RPG Maker files into a convenient personal Flip book that I can scroll through quickly with my Magic Mouse. I didn't like how I had to click each individual image in the Maker, and I wanted more of an Overview of all the images, so I...

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