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  1. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ Chain attack mode?

    Hello, I would really like to be able to add a chain attack function in the combats of my game, something similar to Xenoblade, where if you press the button at the right moment you can attack successfully. Is there a plugin that allows me to do that? Thank you anyways. [Reference pictures]
  2. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ Get a state if a character has certain HP

    Hi! I would like to know if there's any plugin or script that adds a state if a character gets certain HP during the combat and a switch is activated. Thanks.
  3. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ Sound Effects if an actor has a state

    Thank you, I'll try!
  4. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ Sound Effects if an actor has a state

    Hi! I would like to add a Sound Effect when an actor has a state, is there any JS code or plugins that helps with that? Thank you.
  5. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ Gauges plugins

    Thanks, I'll try!
  6. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ Gauges plugins

    Good morning. I'm making a stealth game and there's something I would like to add during the battles, some unique gauges for some characters. Like this one: A gauge that shows a character's current ammo for four different weapons (This example it's just a sketch) I want that those numbers...
  7. MetalGearPearl

    Favorite Monster Collectors?

    My favorite monster collecting franchise is Yo-kai Watch, I recommend it
  8. MetalGearPearl

    Game Time - Time system

    Can I use this plugin on a commercial game?
  9. MetalGearPearl

    Galv's Event Detectors

    The plugin is great, but the problem I see is that if the player is on top or to the near side, the NPC will move towards the wall and that causes the game to drop their FPS a lot
  10. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ NPC movement

    Thanks, I'll try
  11. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ NPC movement

    I need help, I'm developing a stealth videogame and I need that the enemy NPCs aproach you when they see you, is there a plugin or script that can help me with that? (I'm using MZ, but I did not found a forum for MZ, sorry if this shouldn't be here)
  12. MetalGearPearl

    Imagine you didn't read this

    Imagine you didn't read this
  13. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ Help! ( TypeError this[_0x453e37(...)] is not a function )

    Thanks, I already solved the problem (and I don't know how)
  14. MetalGearPearl

    RMMZ Help! ( TypeError this[_0x453e37(...)] is not a function )

    Hello. I have a problem with my game, everytime I want to load a fight the game crashes with " TypeError this[_0x453e37(...)] is not a function" Does someone know how can I solve this? I deactivated every plugin and the problem appears anyways :/ Thank you.

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