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  1. Zanderfel

    RMMV Looking for thoughts on my intro (somewhat descriptive violence in it)

    So I'm mostly looking for thoughts on my intro, if its not enough, if its too long, or something else. I do have a demo but it's just the intro, there's nothing else to the demo. I'll post the text here, but if you really want the demo, I'll share that too. Here's the link to the demo if you...
  2. Zanderfel

    [RPGM-MV] Is it possible to add more tilesets to each slot (A to E)?

    Title says it all. Generally I'm hoping there is a way to make the selection of assets "more", like say I were to edit the tileset png files, combine them, then add them to Slot A - would that work or would the program flip out? Just feels like I'm really limited right now, like I can't do as...
  3. Zanderfel

    Help with NPC Death Scene?

    Aight, first off I'm not really well versed in how things work, I'm learning, but at a pretty slow pace. Right now I'm trying to create some NPC Death scenes. The NPC with 1 next to them, is stage 1. The NPC with 2 next to them is stage 2. For the eventing, I had NPC2 be Transparent, then...
  4. Zanderfel

    RMMV Character revival after losing battle

    Would ask in Game Mechanics Design, but I doubt I'd be able to ask without mentioning my project. Alright, so I dunno where to look in MV for this, but I need a means of making it so that once the Player Character is killed in battle, even if there are allies present, to trigger an event that...
  5. Zanderfel

    RMMV Class System (don't have a better idea for title)

    Just in case, this is for my 1st game, but its still in the concept stage as I need to work out how to do many of the things I wanna add to it. This one is a big part of it, just unsure how. There are 4 starter classes in the beginning that the player can switch between, however there is a 5th...
  6. Zanderfel

    Got a lot to ask about

    Figured this is the proper place to ask.. Basically there's a ton I wanna implement into my game, and there's a ton that I dunno if there's plugins for or if I gotta do it myself. So I'll try to explain what I'm looking for in terms of info about [if need me to explain deeper, just ask which]...
  7. Zanderfel

    Gen Parts, Monsters, etc

    Resource Type: Gen Parts (Mostly clothing options, but I am looking for Evil & Monster parts), Monsters & Bosses (Actors, Battlers, Portraits, and Enemies), and Animations (for Spells, Abilities, and World Map events). Maker Format: MV Only - I don't have any other version Art Style: Not...

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