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  1. Message and Choices not showing up for JS plugin

    So this part of my code isn't showing up when I call the scene.  Developer console not displaying any errors since it's not crashing, so I think I may be missing a line or two since this is my first time using the $ RMMV Script commands. CardGame_Scene.prototype.playMessage = function() {...
  2. New to JS having odd problem.

    So, I'm trying to open a window and scene for a card game I'm considering making.  So far, I've tried following the Janrae Mendoza tutorials 18 & 19 (the first of which can be found here: ""  ).  That being said, I'm having an issue when I try to access...

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I reached 100 followers on my new twitter! It's not much but it's honest work
Made this sign for a you-know-what type of business, completely from scratch.
Gotta admit, i'm extremely proud of it.

After 7 months of really hard work and then 6 months of lazing around and procrastinating with adding the final touches my game is finally complete! Not bad considering that a year ago I didn't really even know about variables. Thanks to everyone who helped with questions and assets! Feels good to have a game under my belt! Ep2 (also self contained) may possibly come in the future!
I just made a breakthrough in my Battlecore problem where the Abort Battle command wouldn't work after using a Custom Action Sequence skill. It seems that Abort Battle can't be the last command in the event.
Before, the event was ordered (Dialogue -> Abort Battle). But having the message appear LAST fixed it.
(Abort Battle -> Dialogue)

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