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  1. How to add dispose the window method when I press the button

    After posting a few times before, I've looked and tried in many ways, but I still haven't solved it. First of all, my basic code is like this. [#spoiler] class Window_Test < Window_Base def initialize(x = 256,y = 192,width = 130, height = 50) super(x,y,width,height) end def...
  2. Script error in commom event (about state)

    Hello, there was a problem at the common event this time. I thought that the state given is different depending on the hp situation of the actor. So I made this code. [#spoiler] actor = $game_actors[14] actor.add_state(142) if (($game_actors[$game_variables[18]].hp/$game_actors...
  3. vx ace error about animations.rvdata2

    I'm facing a big problem now. Please help me. I changed the original animation data of vxace from json to rvdata2 once again (through the program) But when you apply it and you go in, you say that an internal error has occurred Script '(eval)' line 1: NoMethodError occurred. undefined...
  4. What should I do? (in script editor, about dispose window, rgss3)

    I ask you again following the previous article. Through a recent search, I learned how to remove certain windows. For example, @window = Window_textbox.If you made a window with new, @window.dispose has figured out how to delete that window. However, I don't know how to apply this in the...
  5. disposed window?

    Recently, I wanted to create a script. How does it work? @window = @window.event_text("event!") If you enter the script as above, you wanted to set the length of the sentence in parentheses in @window.event_text to the width of the text box. However, when I created and...
  6. How to release capability growth curve upper bound

    *Translator used. Recently, I posted something uncomfortable while making a game. For competency growth curves on the job setting screen, hp and mp can be set up to 9999, and 999 is the maximum for the remaining competency values. So I looked for scripts that would increase the upper limit...
  7. stack level too deep

    *Translator used Hello, I'm writing because I have a problem recently. With Common Events and Enemy Group Events Write 1 in variable 33 (as a variable manipulation event) Through script functionality $game_party.add_actor($game_variables[33]) I let you do that The error statement "stack...
  8. auto skill script

    Hello, this is my first time posting since I joined the rpg maker forum. The reason for posting is to see if there is an automatic skill script (available for commercial games). Originally, I wanted to use...

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I just made a breakthrough in my Battlecore problem where the Abort Battle command wouldn't work after using a Custom Action Sequence skill. It seems that Abort Battle can't be the last command in the event.
Before, the event was ordered (Dialogue -> Abort Battle). But having the message appear LAST fixed it.
(Abort Battle -> Dialogue)

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