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  1. Setting Up Moghunter's Battle Cry Plugin

    Download the master demo from his website.
  2. Yanfly Main Menu Manager Show/Hide commands Your show command will need an evaluation e.g. switch is on / off
  3. Persona-esque Skill/Level system

    You need to deconstruct your ideas into a series of steps. Rather than thinking system from x game, it's better to look at what the actual mechanics are and then replicate it. The persona system, for example, is similar to FF7 materia and the persona is basically a summon in game. If you...
  4. deleted

  5. Need help with boulder and switch puzzle :)

    Check this tutorial, think it will help, particularly section 2.
  6. Avy's Icon Workshop

    Likewise and awesome stuff :D
  7. Avy's Icon Workshop

    Hey Avery Hope you're doing well, glad to see you're still making great looking icons :) A rather mundane request I noticed there is no !Switch1 icons for the levers but you can obviously have them without the lever fitted. Would be handy for the puzzle on the map I am currently working on :)
  8. Push Block Drop and Walk over. Had a tutorial for multiple boulders and gaps as well. Unfortunately the imgur links are broken.
  9. Question About Including RTP Data

    Thread on how to remove RTP

    Left my review on but this was a great little gem from mcbacon jam and importantly it was highly accessible as well. Considering the tight timeframe and the to be continued I'm looking forward to future addition like choosing missions, expositions and more character development...
  11. Audiostock, Parallax Mapping Guide and Wild Steam

    Out of interest, who did the artwork for Audiostock  1 cover?
  12. Maybe a weird question..

    The game in question was Undefeated Article from September 2014
  13. FF7 Morph

    Try using this That script allows to add an extra drop to enemies, which is conditional. You could make make your Morph skill to have a specific element and enemies would drop/have chance at dropping the item if it was killed that...
  14. Avy's Icon Workshop

    Thanks this is But in all seriousness this will be very useful for the tutorial and command prompts in dialog.
  15. Avy's Icon Workshop

    I was wondering if I could request a x keyboard button to match the menu ones made? (since x is also the menu / cancel button in rpgmaker like space and enter)
  16. Avy's Icon Workshop

    Nice crystal equipment. A possible suggestion might be a crystal spear :3
  17. Choice Options - Fine-tune your choices

    I seem to get a bug with the large choices script when I try hide_choice(5, "s[1]==true") The 5th choice does not disable? (works on first 4 however) color_choice(num, color_id) does work however.
  18. Avy's Icon Workshop

    Great choice of icons, I'm especially pleased with the skill icons and fits so well into a range of RPG maker projects :)
  19. Avy's Icon Workshop

    Really useful thread and great advent drive :) As a possible suggestion - maybe some hats and helmets?

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