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  1. ZeuroMiller

    Clarification needed

    Hi everyone, I was making a new game and i wanted some doubts to be cleared. I want to rename everything in the database according to my story needs. that includes skills, Tilests, Actors, Animations, etc. If i rename everything, will I have to change my script according to my needs or will...
  2. ZeuroMiller

    Help With Concept Clarification.

    Hi again, everyone. I am currently working with my first game. It won't be my dream game but i'll put my best. I have played many action rpgs and rpgs with world maps. Somehow i don't dig the Idea of a Map where you are bigger than towns. I thought of making many maps of towns, forests an...
  3. ZeuroMiller

    [RPGMVXA] Please Create 2 Sprites, One Main Charachter, Main Ally of main charachter.

    Hello, To Whoever Reading This Thanks In Advance. I Have Created A Face For My Main Character but somehow I am not able to create a good sprite. Also I was thinking about an ally of my character who would remain an important part of the story. Images Of faces Are Below. Description Main...
  4. ZeuroMiller

    Help in Translation Of Master Script [Ace]

    Hello Guys, I Bought the RPG Maker VX Ace in Japanese. I Have been wanting to create my First game where the menus are in english so i can take some advice from my friends who live in India about my first game.(The Load menu, Save Menu, In game menus) I searched in this forums and found that...
  5. ZeuroMiller

    Creating Main Charachter

    Hello, I recently started using RPG maker VX ace. When I started there was a main character. I used the character generator to make a new and custom character but I found that I could only use it as a NPC. However I want that character to be the main character. I searched for this problem but...
  6. ZeuroMiller

    How to add custom tile sets (.png) format in VX Ace as regular tiles for creation

    Hi everyone, I am new to RPG Maker vx ace and some things are bit not clear. where do we keep tile sets and how to use custom tile sets also is there a particle format or name for them as i have imported the tiles and they are not working. Thanks!!!

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