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  1. Arkecia

    Away for a Week

    Hey everyone! Just making this topic to let everyone know that I'll be mostly absent for the rest of this week while I deal with family issues. For better or worse, my family respects me enough to allow me to act as mediator with a small feud taking place. I also want to visit my grandmother...
  2. Arkecia

    The Warello Network

    *Made for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest* In this game, you play the roles of two hackers who have taken it upon themselves to use their skills to fund a way of life as they integrate into society.    Before that, they were being brought up to become the ultimate data defenders by a secret...
  3. Arkecia

    Project Oscine - Build the Perfect Team!

      Do you have what it takes to lead your group and create the perfect fighting force?     The Mission: You are a soldier integrated into a research team that is using its expertise to create super-soldiers. At the top of your class, you are picked to lead a small team to undergo test runs...
  4. Arkecia

    To Kill an Introduction

    Hi there! I have been lurking around these forums ever since I got RPG Maker and made an account on here. Like many I wanted to create an awesome RPG and figured this was a great way to get started, but also like many I wanted to make a sprawling epic right from the moment I opened my first...

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