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  1. xenon

    Player cannot move during paralleled common event

    OK i think I figured it out The reason why this wasn't working was that I was directly calling the common event instead of ONLY using the control switch alone testing this, I had 2 different setups. One with just the common event call, another with the common event call AND the control...
  2. xenon

    Player cannot move during paralleled common event

    So what I'm trying to do is a "Quest book updated" pop-up notification that slides up, shows up for a few seconds and slides and fades out. I can get this to work as a regular map event with parallel on just fine ( and this would be okay except if I leave the map the image gets perma-stuck )...
  3. xenon

    RMMV Phantasmata

    It's out on Steam as early-access at the moment, please check it out! ( you'll find gameplay video and some media there, for character bios and lore visit PHMT Toyhouse ) You take the role of Alice - a single-parent daughter who loves...

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