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  1. jerdz

    RMMV SRD_StatsDistribution Maximum changes for one Actor.

    Hi @Eliaquim, Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, when I do change, the change is effective for each and every actor. However I want my actors to have the max value equal to 100 and another actor to have the max value of 200. And I cannot seem to do that. I believe it could be done by...
  2. jerdz

    RMMV SRD_StatsDistribution Maximum changes for one Actor.

    Dear RPG Mv community, I am looking for a way to get one of the actor having a different maximum value for his stat distribution than the other character. Every character can spend 1 point to get 1 stat (Atk, Def, Mat, Mdf, Agi, Luk) and can spend a maximum of 100 points in one stat. I would...
  3. jerdz

    Yanfly's Actor Party Switch with a Pokemon Game

    I know that's an old post but for the one like me that would like to know the solution : To make an actor automatically switch to an alive actor, I am using WAY_CustomOnDeathEval script. I am implemented this Notetag to all my classes : <Custom On Death Eval> for (let i = 1...
  4. jerdz

    Elemental Rate based on Stats

    @ATT_Turan That's awesome !!! Thank you so much for your tremendous help. Now I guess I can make the code looks much nicer and easier (I guess) I'll do some more research to see if i can attach the trait to the Hat and change it every time I equip it, instead of attaching the trait to the user...
  5. jerdz

    Elemental Rate based on Stats

    Sorry for the double post, So basically what I did is to run that script at the beginning of every battle of my game. var offsetElemHat = 23; var hatId = 0; for (let i = 1; i <= $gameParty._actors.length; i++) { var actorI = $;{code: 11})...
  6. jerdz

    Elemental Rate based on Stats

    @ATT_Turan I know that I am minxing Parameters (here the mat) and traits (here the Elements). And that is exactly my point. I have tried different plugins that dynamically modify traits (Galv and Shaz) but it does not really do what I want. I even created a script that does kinda the same as the...
  7. jerdz

    Elemental Rate based on Stats

    Dear RPG Maker MV community, I have a game with custom stats and in my game the "Magic Attack" (which I called the Knowledge) is supposed to decrease the Elemental Rate set by your hat by a.mat percent. I tried to achieve that, and even with all the plugins that I could find I did not manage...
  8. jerdz

    Skip Skill Type and update Help Window [MV]

    Dear RPG Maker MV community. I have made a simple plugin to skip the skill type menu. Code here: As you see, I just recreate the Scene_Skill exacty like in the rpg_scenes.js, and I just bypass the SkillTypeMenu. HOWEVER, as you can see on the screen below, the help windows does not refresh...
  9. jerdz

    RMMV Hover-over mouse, single-click selection windows

    Works perfectly ! Thanks
  10. jerdz

    RMMV Hover-over mouse, single-click selection windows

    Dear RPG Maker community. The thing that bugs me the most in RPG Maker MV is the fact that you need to double clic every command on the menu which I found very unintuitive. I found this video that was posted 7 years ago about someone doing exactly what I'd like. Unfortunately I did not...

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