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  1. (Frontview Battle System) Enemy to Come Towards You?

    @ATT_Turan - I'm using Yanfly's SV Animated Enemies plugin so at least it looks like it's breathing. I'll switch to side-view and see if I can do some things to make it look like it's coming closer. @Oggy - I think the only problem I have is the enemy fitting into the screen as I know that the...
  2. (Frontview Battle System) Enemy to Come Towards You?

    While pondering on how to make the default frontview battle system be a bit more dynamic and interesting, I thought of the game Spirit Hunter: Death Mark where it essentially had a frontview battle system. Yet the only thing that seemed to move in that battle system was the boss who would move...
  3. Party Rotation with Button Press

    @Bex - did it and it worked beautifully. Thanks again! :D
  4. Party Rotation with Button Press

    @siguren - 100 party members? That's quite impressive! That being said, I tried the plugin with 5 members, and the fifth member disappears from the party. I can see in the plugin what you're...
  5. Party Rotation with Button Press

    @Bex - there would be 15 potential party members. I just noticed when I did the Common Event that it had up to "Actor ID of the party member #8". I just wanted to know what to input for the event for 15 party members?
  6. Party Rotation with Button Press

    I apologise for bringing this thread up again, but expanding from my words to siguren, my question now is this: what would you do if you have more than 8 members in a party? Since the Actor ID of the Party Member reaches up to 8, I'm not sure if it's possible to go beyond that.
  7. Party Rotation with Button Press

    While I've had the problem solved, thank you very much for taking the time to complete the plugin! I'm certain others will highly appreciate it. :D
  8. Party Rotation with Button Press

    @Bex - I now have the A and S keys successfully shuffling the party leader back and forth. Again, thank you kindly for everything. :D
  9. Party Rotation with Button Press

    Tried it out before as a Common Event but I wound up getting an error: I could be implementing it wrong though. Here's what it looks like in the Common Event:
  10. Party Rotation with Button Press

    @Bex - Just as you responded, I actually found the culprit as to why it didn't work - a plugin (YEP Party System). Turned it off, did input with the S key in a common event, and it wound up working. Thanks a lot again for the help! Though just wondering - how would this method work if I...
  11. Party Rotation with Button Press

    @Bex - I'm pretty sure I've done it correctly as you've instructed but nothing happens when I press the PageUp key. Could a plugin be perhaps interfering somehow? That being said, thank you very much for the Script Call List! Definitely bookmarking and looking through that. @Eliaquim - For...
  12. Party Rotation with Button Press

    I have been searching around and I can't seem to find a solution to this, at least for MV. Basically, in the game I am creating, there are party members who can do various actions (e.g. one can break boulders, another has a light source, another moves fast, another can walk on ice tiles, etc.)...
  13. Window for Face next to Message Window

    I see. So it seems that using Galv's Bust plugin would work by having the bust be the faceset window instead. I would just need to produce a textbox image. Thank you for the clarification and swift reply.
  14. Window for Face next to Message Window

    I've been wondering if it's possible to do this kind of thing where you would have the face in a separate window next to the textbox. I've seen Galv's Message Image plugin which I think could possibly pass off, and Galv's Bust plugin could also work out by having the windowed face as a...
  15. Theatrhythm Arrow Keys Only

    Tested out the plugin and put the arrow images in, and while the graphics have changed, input doesn't work for some of the arrow keys that show (presumably because the whole A-S-Z-X portion of the code is still there). Regardless, I truly appreciate you taking your time to have a crack with...
  16. Theatrhythm Arrow Keys Only

    I did try making an image with just six keys (Arrows + Z and X) though it just read as a chopped image in the game from simply renaming it. So there must be something else in there that I'm missing or simply don't have the knowledge to find and work with. That saying so, thank you once again...
  17. Theatrhythm Arrow Keys Only

    I was able to tinker around with the plugin and found that around here, I was able to disable the A and S keys (for experimenting): //============================== // * Update Actors //============================== Scene_Theatrhythm.prototype.update_commands = function() { if...
  18. Theatrhythm Arrow Keys Only

    I found Moghunter's Theatrhythm plugin and basically, you input certain keys in a rhythm-style-esque game. The plugin can be found here: As the video above shows, the keys that are input are the Arrow Keys, A, S, Z, and X. However, I only...
  19. Simple Swap Battle Actor 0.2c

    This plugin is amazing and works well with Yanfly's Party Switch! Thank you very much for it! Though if it's not too much to ask, would there be a way to implement a Return/Dismiss/Revert command? I'm making a Summoner and while it's great seeing her having monsters come into combat, I think it...
  20. Comparing Variables and Making Scenes Depending on Them

    So, I've been trying to create a bit of a dating sim game that includes traits (like Charm, Understanding, Kindness, etc.). At the start of the game, the player takes a quiz that gives some points to certain traits. After the quiz, I wanted to make a few short and fun scenes depending on which...

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