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  1. fungolem

    RMMV Frozen Soil demo

    Frozen Soil SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS Changelog DOWNLOAD LINK Please give it a try help me catch some bugs, any feedback would be greatly appreciated:kaoluv:
  2. fungolem

    RMMV Galv's Character Animations problem

    Lol encounter a problem again. Don't know why when change map it will read the walking idle, see the vid below. I try too turn off all plugins but the problem still there. But if I start with a new project it works.... These are my plugins Both project editor and js core are 1.6.2, any...
  3. fungolem

    RMMV Galv MV Character Animations error (solved)

    Encounter this error after I activate this plugin. My editor and js core version are 1.6.2 Plugins list Any idea what's wrong and how to fix it? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nevermind it gone after I start a new game.:kaodes...
  4. fungolem

    [MV]Resurrect limit to certain type of actor [solved]

    In my game there are 2 type of units, vehicle and biology unit. So when the vehicle units are dead they can only be revive by repair kits/skill. when biology unit dead they can only revive by medic/skill. How could I do this?
  5. fungolem

    RMMV (MV)Yanfly battle core disable enemy blinking before action

    Just discover yanfly battle core disable enemy flash before attacking, anyway to re-enable the enemy blink?
  6. fungolem

    RMMV Yanfly battle sequence not using correct motion

    I set motion item: user, but the actual animation it use is shooting/missile. What did I do wrong? I tried to changed it to motion walk: user but still the same This is my plugin kist This is the template, I am using YED sideview battler so item slot should be 11...
  7. fungolem

    Status effect animation position

    Im using custom battler in my current project and they are much larger than the vanilla RTP. When status effect apply on them the animation appear too high, anyway to change it's position? Example when battlers are poison, those bubble are right on top of their head But mine......
  8. fungolem

    RMMV A question about Moghunter battle HUD

    What's the use of this enemy bar? I try to write something on the enemy note but it show nothing, what is it for?
  9. fungolem

    RMMV Having problem adjust or get rid of text in Moghunter battle HUD (solved)

    I tried tweaking all the parameters but can't move the hp text at all. And how to remove that time text? my current project do not use atb. This is my setting.
  10. fungolem


    Greetings fellow devs.Im an artist experimenting deving with Rpgm MV at the moment, Nice to meet you all.
  11. fungolem

    Question about parallax background

    The preview in the editor are not match win the test play. Is it normal? or I did something wrong? The parallax image is same size as the map 2400x960

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