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  1. Ciberfreak

    Enemy "Preacher"

    I want to make a enemy that summons from a poule of 2 or 3 predetermined enemies (those who also live in the forest) at random and not every turn. Is this possible? and how to do it/how to start (I have a enemiy, a skill and a empty common event) I'd say my knowledge of MV is pretty good but...
  2. Ciberfreak

    Set event to autorun on startup?

    Just a thought I had is it possible to set an event from action button to autorun at the start of the game? We have this big city in our project and when you first enter this map there's a old man who asks if you want a tour or not. He's on autorun which makes a short test very tedious when you...
  3. Ciberfreak

    Level cap problem

    So I use Yanfly's Core Engine Plugin which overwrite the level options MV gives you. I want the max level to be 100 but I have a temporary actor I use for a quest who needs to have a level cap of do I achieve this?

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