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  1. alwaysivy

    Mysterious August Contest!

    Yay! A contest. Unfortunately, I don't think that I'm going to be participating, but I can't wait to see everybody's entries. =D Have fun guys!
  2. alwaysivy


    Edit: Sorry, I didn't realize that this thread was that old.
  3. alwaysivy

    Another one! This time with Character Machine...

    Another one! This time with Character Machine.
  4. alwaysivy

    Sorry, Celianna...

    Sorry, Celianna...
  5. alwaysivy

    Here's my first face using Celianna's face generator...

    Here's my first face using Celianna's face generator.
  6. alwaysivy

    Kingdom - The Clans

    Hello. I enjoyed your demo. But, there are somethings that bother me. They are just little things, so I will only tell you the thing that most bothers me. Your maps are a bit too empty. To remedy this either make the maps smaller or add more decoration. It will help a lot. =)
  7. alwaysivy

    Game & Map Screenshots

    I agree, your HUD looks a tad too dark. Otherwise, I really like your map. You have very nice placement.
  8. alwaysivy

    The Order of the Marten

    Wow, how did you do that map of Weald Forest? I mean, even with parallexing, that seems quite the feat. It's super amazing! What tiles are those? I recognize the town as Mack, I think. And maybe the interior as well. But the forest (and that stream! uwah~!) I don't. I'm really, really, really...
  9. alwaysivy

    Hollow's Dump O' Art + Writing

    Wow, your art is amazing! Everything is so beautiful!
  10. alwaysivy

    I agree with sabao. That is some eye candy!

    I agree with sabao. That is some eye candy!
  11. alwaysivy

    Awh, thanks. ♥

    Awh, thanks. ♥
  12. alwaysivy

    Ascension Production Team

    Hi, I would like to know if you need help with your writing. I can provide examples quickly. I believe that I am quite gifted in the area of detail. =) I love details! So, if you are interested let me know. I am easy to get along with and have no problem working with a team. The only...

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