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  1. BigEd781

    Hey there b*tches

    Even you Shaz? That hurts.
  2. BigEd781

    Hey there b*tches

    Bro, don't even
  3. BigEd781

    Hey there b*tches

    Took a wrong turn looking for a copy of Cecil's portrait and ended up here. Well alright then, take care of yourselves and I'll see ya'll in a decade or so.
  4. BigEd781

    A Good Article For You Budding Scripters

    I don't think the mods will mind (I wouldn't have.) Not really a dead topic, right? Further discussion seems like it should be ok, but I'm not an admin anymore.
  5. BigEd781

    A Good Article For You Budding Scripters

    Wow, blast from the past. Glad people are still getting something out of my old ramblings.
  6. BigEd781

    Large EXP Gaps to Control Level Progression

    If exp curves were linear and exp / enemy type never changed there would be little incentive to not just sit in older content and power level. You have to have _some_ way of making old content irrelevant.
  7. BigEd781

    Other methods of stat progression?

    Except, in practice, these systems mean you're going to spend most of your time hitting other party members. My magic users aren't going to cast magic every on every trash mob, it's a waste, and I've never played a system like this where you can actually keep up without grinding (i.e. smacking...
  8. BigEd781

    So many "just another RPG Maker" games out there... Something should be done!

    You're never going to solve that problem. Anything with a low barrier to entry is going to lure in all sorts of people who just can't cut it. Look at programming, I see this all of the time. Hell, I see it in a _professional_ setting. I get resumes from people who literally do not know the...
  9. BigEd781

    So many "just another RPG Maker" games out there... Something should be done!

    Low effort is not synonymous with "uses RTP". You can make an extremely well polished game while using the RTP, and you can also make a garbage game using custom resources. I'm not sure what your point is here, or why I should care about some random youtubers.
  10. BigEd781

    So many "just another RPG Maker" games out there... Something should be done!

    Caveat emptor RPG maker is a hobbiest engine, and a beginner's hobbiest engine at that. It is meant to be accessible. If you make a great game people will buy it, I don't buy into your "people will avoid RPG Maker games" generalization. If you're concerned with making money from your games then...
  11. BigEd781

    function() vs no function() for plugins

    It's called an immediately invoked function expression. JS devs (of which I am not one...) use that to scope everything declared inside the function to the function itself (i.e., it doesn't pollute the global scope.) It also means that you don't have to give a name to the function, so it cannot...
  12. BigEd781

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Yeah I'm sorry, that makes no sense to me. I wish I had MV so that I could help more.
  13. BigEd781

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I don't have MV, but yeah, I would think so. I assume that's Math.js. The docs say: So you should expect an integer within the interval [0, N), 0 or 1 in this case. You then add 1 to it, so you _should_ get 1 or 2. Can you post some more context around the code? Seems hard to believe that...
  14. BigEd781

    Opinions on a 100% randomly generated storyline and game world?

    I wouldn't consider random character names a random storyline. Also don't like the idea. I prefer a story which was well thought out as opposed to a random collection of 'stuff to do'.
  15. BigEd781

    Create new "Event Command" instead of "Plugin Command"?

    Well, there are plenty of ways it _could_ be implemented, it's just not a feature they wanted to implement. Makes sense given the fact that you can write a script to do whatever you like.
  16. BigEd781

    Suikoden like games...?

    "Like Suikoden" in what way? Number of playable characters? Art style? Music? Theme (war w/some magic thrown in)?
  17. BigEd781


  18. BigEd781

    How does development process usually go for you?

    1. Get an idea 2. Think through the high level story from beginning to end 3. Start in RPG Maker 4. Begin making maps and dialog, filling in details as I go 5. Realize I don't like my maps and/or need additional resources 6. Spend two weeks creating and hunting for resources 7. Give up 8. Repeat...
  19. BigEd781

    First RPG game you ever played

    LoZ for the NES, then FFI.
  20. BigEd781

    Oldie returns to say hi to the RM family

    Hey, I remember you Scin. I crept back in here a couple of weeks ago as well... not sure why. Nostalgia? I should go hop on Phanx and GW for ****s and giggles.

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