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  1. Emberstorm

    Fantasy Musica - Completely Free Soundtrack (55 tracks!)

    Hi everyone !!! For too long I've been holding onto some of the old music tracks that I've composed but never sold, or used in my own game. I've decided that it's time for me to pay back the game development communities and release my old soundtracks for free! I have scraped up 55 different...
  2. Emberstorm

    How do I stop hp (abbrev) and mp (abbrev) from squishing?

    I was wondering if anybody knows how to prevent the text for hp (abbrev) and mp (abbrev) from squishing if it's renamed to something longer then a couple of characters. Thank you in advance.
  3. Emberstorm

    Which shop interface do you like best?

    I'd love to hear the community's opinion on this. Would you prefer: a. Standard shop interface. You get a list of all items the shop has to sell, for easy comparison. b. You can visually see every item on the tables in the store. However, you have to move and interact with each to see...
  4. Emberstorm

    Which one looks better?

    I've got about 180 hours clocked in RPG Maker MV working on my new project, and when I booted it up to work on it today, all my graphics looked dark and murky. I thought it was my monitor settings, I checked and they were unchanged. I compared with some other games, and it still looked dark. I...
  5. Emberstorm

    Adding backspace functionality to text input

    At the start of my game I'm working on, I've allowed the player to name their character with a 'name input processing' event. However, I noticed by default, ESC is the back key, not Backspace. Is there anyway to change this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Emberstorm

    How to make a shield 'destroyed' by fire attacks.

    I need some help making a shield that when equipped, if the user is attacked by a fire element attack or spell, the shield is destroyed (think Deku Shield from Legend of Zelda). It would be nice to make it give a little message too saying that the shield was destroyed. I'm using all the...
  7. Emberstorm

    Double Attack (How to make animation play twice?)

    I have a skill that repeats twice, however my issue is that it only plays the animation once, and then deals both lots of damage at the same time. I have the animation set to 'normal attack' so it plays the animation for the weapon currently wielded. If a player with a gun attacks twice, it will...
  8. Emberstorm

    YEP.24 – Battle System – ATB QUESTIONS

    Hi all, Firstly, I discovered Yanfly's website, and I'm loving his plugins. However, I'm having a few problems with the Active Turn Battle system at: I've tried using the <ATB Gauge: +x> and <ATB Gauge: +x%> tabs in...
  9. Emberstorm

    RMVXA Black Cat's Story

    Black Cat must train and join up with his friends to defeat the tyrannical Ruffus, who is wreaking havoc on the land! Features:* Beautiful handcrafted original pixel-art graphics. Incredible non-repetitive high-quality music and sound effects. Astonishing gameplay and life-like combat...
  10. Emberstorm

    What do you hate in RPG/MMOs?

    I'm interested in hearing all your pet hates and dislikes in both modern and retro RPGs and MMORPGS. For example, some of mine: 1. Slow Movement speed. I tried to pick up Skyrim again recently, and the movement speed was so bothersome. I then found my first horse at a bandit cave, and it walked...
  11. Emberstorm

    All RPG MAKER .WAV no longer work

    Ok, I've encountered the most bizarre problem. Yesterday, everything is working fine. Today, I boot up RPG Maker VX Ace again, and to my surprise none of my sound effects are working. They are all .wav files. Now, the whackiest thing, is they also no longer work in Windows Media Player. But...
  12. Emberstorm

    MS Paint Sketches

    So instead of pixelling, I've recently been doing a lot of sketches in MS paint, using no AA, and limited colors. It's actually something I've found i can enjoy, and that I can do quickly. It's not a style I see very often, what do you think? Couple of monsters/bosses from my game, Black Cat's...
  13. Emberstorm

    Block/4-dir passage tiles not working

    Hey guys! Ran into a problem, I don't think it was always like this, but I realised for my A5 tileset, blocks or 4-dir passage don't work. I can move through anything and everything on the tileset, including the default cliff included on that part of the tileset by Enterbrain. Any idea what gives?
  14. Emberstorm

    Permanant Status Ailment on Class

    Hey guys, just a quick question. I want one class in my RPG to have a curse which reduces their health every turn, but cannot be removed, through any means, whether it be potion, inn, or ressurection. The status will pretty much act like the default poison status, but my question is how will I...
  15. Emberstorm

    Black Cat's Story

    Black Cat must train and join up with his friends to defeat the tyrannical Ruffus, who is wrecking havoc on the land! Features:* Beautiful handcrafted original pixel-art graphics. Incredible non-repetitive high quality music and sound effects. Astonishing gameplay and life-like combat...
  16. Emberstorm

    Increase all damage done by 200%

    Hi guys, I'm deep in development of a game, and I've come to the conclusion that combat is too slow. I'm hoping to speed up combat by simply increasing damage done, from both characters and monsters. Now I've balanced everything, so instead of having to go through every single item, skill and...

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