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  1. BigEd781

    Hey there b*tches

    Took a wrong turn looking for a copy of Cecil's portrait and ended up here. Well alright then, take care of yourselves and I'll see ya'll in a decade or so.
  2. BigEd781

    Advanced Image Scaling

    So, I was spending some time implementing the xBR set of scaling algorithms and I came across this little gem: Looks like I don't need to implement it now... but this program includes the xBR family as well as HQx...
  3. BigEd781

    A Good Article For You Budding Scripters

    Here is a great article for novice programmers to read. It talks about "cargo-cult programmers", a term that has been around for some time, but usually the people who need to understand it the most do not. There are more than a few beginners around here who this applies to, and that's ok; you're...
  4. BigEd781

    Predefined Colors

    139 Pre-Defined Colors Description I created this because I was just sick as hell of typing, wait, what is the RGB value for turquoise again? *sigh* Let's start up Paint... I was sick of it, so I copied the .NET "Color" structure, every damn one of them. The great...
  5. BigEd781

    Mastering the tile editor, How to Copy and Manipulate Auto-Tiles

    Some help with uncooperative autotiles and a bit more Mapping in VX takes some patience and practice, but it is possible to make very nice scenery using only the RTP. One of the most powerful but relatively unknown features of RPG Maker is the ability to make exact copies of tiles already...

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From China, with...white paper. :kaojoy:
This is a really good video
Testing Parry/Counter system straight from Action Sequence instead of utilizing the default counter.
Quite happy with the result so far.
This just blew my mind.
RMMZ can choose Tilesize.
No complicated Plugin needed, it is a simple inbuild Option.
This means you could literally use all your rm2k3 or vx-ace Tilesets and Characktersets in RMMZ.
This also makes me curious about experimenting with smaler Tiles and higher Screen Resolutions for non RPG Games.
Did you know about this?

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