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  1. Dungeonmind

    Games no longer load as of just now

    I would very much like to help you but I will need more information first. What operating system are you running MZ on? What's your current Plugin list? (screenshots are fine.) Have you tried fresh brand new project?
  2. Dungeonmind

    Welcome to the dark side.

    Welcome to the dark side.
  3. Dungeonmind

    DM_ItemCategories - [MZ]

    Introducing Item Categories! This plugin will help you change various important settings for the item categories. Add as many categories as you want! You can choose which style you want in the plugin parameters and change the font size. Associate items in the database using note tags that refer...
  4. Dungeonmind

    DM_Limited Inventory System - [MZ]

    I just added some more screenshots if anyone wants to take a look at the parameters and settings before downloading. I tried to give as much customizability as I could to the user without driving myself completely insane. I think the final plugin is almost 3000 lines long! :o
  5. Dungeonmind

    Congrats. It's going to be night and day experience.

    Congrats. It's going to be night and day experience.
  6. Dungeonmind

    RMMZ Help with Order Turn Battle VisuStella

    Hello, thanks for your help. I managed to figure it out and find out that it was just a new plugin I was developing that was called TP_Overdrive that needed to be placed above it. This can be marked as solved now.
  7. Dungeonmind

    RMMZ Is there a plugin allow you show illustration when actor do critical?

    I know just the plugin. It's right here. I use it in my projects, and it's effective for showing critical hit images.
  8. Dungeonmind

    DM_Limited Inventory System - [MZ]

    Introducing a New Feature Rich Limited Inventory System! This plugin will help you create a limited inventory system for your game. It isn’t likely it’ll work with other plugins that affect the item scene. The party will now have a maximum weight limit. Storage containers can be created for the...
  9. Dungeonmind

    Which assets should I buy?

    It's possible with almost all the iterations of RPG Maker, and it just really depends on how much time and creativity you're willing to put into making your vision a reality. To The Moon definitely used exclusive paid artworks and therefore that already sets the bar kind of high for you. My...
  10. Dungeonmind

    RPG Maker Unity

    Gotcha Gotcha Games has obtained the rights and business of RPG Maker from Kadokawa from my understanding.
  11. Dungeonmind

    New Releases: Message Log Plugin, RPG Battle Music Pack Vol.1, Fantasy RPG BGM Pack - The Forest Land Edition

    Hey, I wasn't aware that the store sold plugins now. Does that mean plugin developers can submit plugins to sell on Komodo Plaza now? I mean I remember Khaz Lighting system for ace but there wasn't many if any at all after that.
  12. Dungeonmind

    I just passed my road test, and I am now a fully licensed driver!

    I just passed my road test, and I am now a fully licensed driver!
  13. Dungeonmind

    I promised a picture, but he's, uh, no longer a kitten. He looks like an Egyptian kitty here...

    I promised a picture, but he's, uh, no longer a kitten. He looks like an Egyptian kitty here with his posture.
  14. Dungeonmind

    Should you tag your Steam games with the "RPGMaker" tag?

    None. They don't handle that stuff; the developer does. At the end of the day, what matters more? The engine it was made with, or if the game is actually a lot of fun and people are putting in hours to play it... My game, "Corpse Mansion," is almost never assumed to be an RPG Maker game, but...
  15. Dungeonmind

    RMMZ Help with Order Turn Battle VisuStella

    Yes, I used those exact note tags/setup and I have the latest up to date plugins. Still not working and I'm only using visustella plugins. I had to manually update the nwjs because it would not work with latest update of Mac OS. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but I'm going to check...
  16. Dungeonmind

    RMMZ A "nice" surprise again from updating visustella

    This is always something I fall for with their plugins, lol. Though, the trade-off for such versatile plugins is still worth it in my opinion.
  17. Dungeonmind

    RMMV Any way to “register” or hotkey a key item?

    I'm glad things worked out for you.
  18. Dungeonmind

    What do you guys like to see in dungeon crawlers?

    How random would suffice? Like, if I designed 10 different possible variations per floor of the labyrinth, would that work? Every play through would be different, and once you got to each floor, it would lock it in for that save game. This is a very good point here that many seem to agree on...
  19. Dungeonmind

    RMMV Any way to “register” or hotkey a key item?

    Hi, RPG Maker doesn't support the full keyboard by default, so first you will need to download this plugin and install it in the JS folder and the plugin manager. -> Then you can use that...
  20. Dungeonmind

    RMMV Any way to “register” or hotkey a key item?

    This can easily be done with the base engine using common events. You can tie the hotkey item to a conditional branch to check which button you want to press to activate it. Check the event conditional branch command out, and you should be able to pull off what you want. Alternatively you can...

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