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  1. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles Issue (again)

    Hello! Thanks for the help! The 'BRUH' message is playing, but the projectile don't fires. What you mean with "named correctly"? If you are talking about 'Galv.PROJ.dir', yeah, it's named correctly, I think. If you know something I don't know about it, please tell me. Oh, and that's the name...
  2. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles Issue (again)

    Hello, I need some help with this plugin. I activate the event and it doesn't works. It's like the code is totally ignored by RPG Maker. Can someone tell me what's wrong and how I fix it.
  3. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles problem (again)

    Hello there. I had every type of problem with this plugin, and I need help. I posted at least three times about this plugin, but it didn't worked in any of the cases. Here the most complete and detailed screenshots I have. Please, I need somebody to tell me where's the problem and how I can...
  4. Galv's Map Projectiles

    How is your script now? Can you show me? I need to see, if you please.
  5. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles Problem

    Thanks for all the help! I will check all of this points and come back to tell if it worked!
  6. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles Problem

    Hello, I'm with problems to activate the event that will shoot the projectiles. I don't know if I activate the plugin script with a plugin command, a script, or the move route. Also I don't know if my coding is right, if you find any error, please, tell me. Thanks for the help, sorry of the...
  7. RMMZ Galv's MZ Map Projectiles

    But I also need to know... Can you send a screenshot of what you did to activate the plugin? I need to see if what I'm saying can be applied.
  8. RMMZ Galv's MZ Map Projectiles

    I think I can help, but I need some help to. Look, you can put a variable to be the Player HP. And you create a Common Event to be activated if the player is hit by the projectile. The common event will be a event that diminutes the variable. You can make this variable as the player HP, I'll...
  9. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles issue

    Ei, estou tendo alguns problemas com este plugin. Eu queria fazer um sistema de batalha único, mas não está funcionando muito bem... Alguém pode me ajudar? Aqui as capturas de tela da minha codificação: (Desculpe pelo meu inglês terrível, não é minha primeira língua)
  10. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles problem

    Sorry about the late answer. Well, I tried to do what you said, and, again, didn't happened. The player just stay stopped at the same place, without move, and nothing happens.
  11. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles problem

    Well, I tried the solutions you said, but nothing happened. Here more information about my mistakes. (Again, sorry about the the terrible english, I know what's written on my bio, but-)
  12. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles problem

    I used a common event to activate it, and here the pics I have mentioned before.
  13. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles problem

    Hi, I have a problem with Galv's map projectiles plugin, where I can't move after activating the plugin script, can anyone help me? (Sorry about the terrible english, isn't my first language) If you can't answer me only with that information, I'll send some pics. I can't send it right now, sorry.
  14. RMMV How do I fix this error with "Galv's Map Projectiles MV"?

    Hi, I have a problem with Galv's map projectiles plugin, where I can't move after activating the plugin script, can anyone help me? (Sorry about the terrible english, isn't my first language)
  15. TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    Hi, I want to make a question. every time I go to load the plugin, an error message like this appears, and I was wondering how I solve the problem. Thanks. Sorry for the bad English, it's not my native language.

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