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  1. krizmn

    Hide All Events/Characters On Map

    I am trying to find a way to hide all the events on the map through a script call. I think I should be able to call it from this right? Scene_Map.prototype.startEncounterEffect = function() { this._spriteset.hideCharacters(); this._encounterEffectDuration =...
  2. krizmn

    Skip Battle Commands and Directly to Select Target

    My game doesn't require characters to have to pick fight, skills, or anything. Is there any easy way to just skip the battle command propmpts and auto-assign "attack" and/or other skills? I don't mind making a plugin for this for myself, but I am just having a difficult time locating exactly...
  3. krizmn

    Tinted Screen Darker In Battle

    So I don't use battle backs for battles, just the actual map. One issue that seems to occur is if I have a tint, it reapplies the same tint twice. I think that is maybe on purpose, cause if I was using battle backs then the game would want to reapply the current tint. Anyways, I tested it on...
  4. krizmn

    Storing Message "text" Variable In String

    I am trying to create a dynamic message system. For example: Var(25) = $gameVariable.value(100) + "Hello" This works fine. But I was wondering if you could also do this? Var(25) = "\V[100] Hello" Var(25) = "\\V[100] Hello" Neither of these seems to work. I suppose I am just trying...
  5. krizmn

    Weather Above Pictures

    I did a little researching and found out I need to change the "z" of the pictures or weather. I am having a difficult time figuring out what to switch around. I don't need anything fancy, just some help with where this is located and what to change. Thanks community.
  6. krizmn

    RMMV Deceased

    MEDIA - Video - Video TEAM GAMEPLAY Copper Death is...
  7. krizmn

    Autoload Help

    I can't seem to get the game to autoload. It keeps saying it cannot read pages of null. DataManager.loadGame(1); I know the save file is there cause it works with the normal load screen. Am I missing anything? *Never mind I got it to work. Sorry.
  8. krizmn

    Show/Hide States

    I am having a little difficulty in finding the code for this.  I have states that I want to show outside battle and not inside battle.  Does anyone know off hand where this is located?  I was just going to add something simple where if the priority == 1 then it won't show the icon in battle.  I...
  9. krizmn

    Actor Id Item/Common Event

    I am trying to have it so if you use an item, that a common event will play.  I have a variable I use for the target player, but I am having a hard time getting the actor ID into the variable.  In the damage formula I can setValue(1,1).  And that works.  But when I do...
  10. krizmn

    Check Player Stat(Script)

    I am trying to do a simple common event to check all the player's stats.   What I am having a hard time doing is referencing a player's stat parameter.  Pretty much I am just trying to check if a player's stat is higher than 5.  But I need to check all the player's stats, so I am trying to...
  11. krizmn

    Formula Functions

    So I know a tiny bit about Javascript, but not much.  I have Yanfly's damage core plugin, and I can add in-game functions, but having trouble just making my own simple functions to work. function Test(a, B) {     return a-b;              } So this is just a simple example.  How do I get...
  12. krizmn

    Organizing Maps

    So I have an odd question.  Am I the only one who has not been able to figure out how to move maps in between each other in MV? I can drag a map and make it a sub map of another one.  I just can't seem to figure out how to place a map between another one.  This has caused some major issues with...
  13. krizmn

    Yanfly Battlecore

    What would I type in to just simply make it so a skill displays 1 animation, but damages all or random enemies? All I can seem to find are either extremely complex battle sequences or nothing at all.  Is there a simple tutorial or answer on how to use this?  I am using front view and just want...
  14. krizmn


    Is there a simple plugin to allow javascript in notetag like in VX ACE?  Using the damage formula box is such a pain.  I checked out Yanfly's scripts, but you end up with so much extra "stuff" that it is not as appealing.  Thanks for the help.
  15. krizmn

    Skill Triggering a Second Skill

    So I checked through some plugins out there and maybe I missed something.  But I am trying to have it so a skill will have a %50 chance of triggering a second skill.  Is there a specific plugin or script that will do this easily in MV?  I spent about 30 min searching and getting frustrated cause...
  16. krizmn

    Yanfly Passive States

    I can't seem to get passive states to work with skills.  It works fine when I use it on characters, enemies, items, but not on skills.  I tested it stand alone also on an empty project with no other plugins.  I tested it with the other plugins, and I tried to change the skill format around.  Has...
  17. krizmn

    Yanfly Passive States

    I am not 100% sure if I am suppose to post this here, but someone in the community might know.   The passive state plugin works except for when I add passive states to skills. I have tried an empty project, I have tried it so the skill was active, combat, menu, pretty much every possibility...
  18. krizmn

    Actor Questions

    Is there a way you can change an actor's weapontype in the game without changing the actor's class or actor itself?  Like just adding swords or shields and other ones? 
  19. krizmn

    Change Actor's Weapontype and Armortype

    Is there a way to easily change an actor's weapontype?  For example if I want to allow a character to use a certain armor later in the game?  I have a lot of situations where this can change and making a different class for each one is not feasible. Thanks for the help.
  20. krizmn

    Events and Player Sprites Offset

    I was able to fix this easily in Ace cause the ruby script was broken up into smaller bits.  I have just not had the time to go through all the JS to change this.  Does anyone know which file or where the part is where the events and players are offset on the Y? I have some events that are...

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