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  1. Number of attacks based on level.

    I am focusing on making a d20 experience in my game. For those unfamiliar with it, you get more attacks per round based upon your base attack bonus, which is based upon your level. Is there a way to duplicate this with a skill? Since only certain characters get certain skills, I could do this...
  2. Shapeshifter

    Is there a shapeshifter type script for MV? I can find a great one for VX Ace but am coming up short for MV. 
  3. Cancel a state with a button/tap

    I am working on adding an auto battle feature to my game. I'm really trying to make it seem as smart as possible, but players will always want the choice to stop the AI and make their own choice. Auto battle is easy to add, I have an auto battle command that is tagged as <instant> and seals...
  4. Auto-Battle AI

    I've noticed several wonderful plugins for adjusting enemy AI. I use Yanfly's  currently, as that allows me to target characters based on rows. Is there a plugin to adjust the AI of party members that are under the effects of the autobattle flag? I need a greater level of control over auto...
  5. Licensing requirements

    Due to what all is included in my game I will be required to include the D20  license agreement. I have found Yanfly's credit page, is there something else out there that is similar to that which I can copy that information into? Preferably something that I can copy and paste with? I'm really...
  6. Resetting rows at the beginning of combat.

    I am using Yanfly's Row formation plugin. I am trying to make it so every battle, the entire party starts in row 3. I can use  SetPartyRow 1 3 SetPartyRow 2 3 etc to set a person to a certain row, using BaseTroopEvents plugin to make it occur during all battles. My problem is that if I...
  7. Mana shield / Force field animation for MV

    I'm sure there is one somewhere, but searching the request forum for mana shield or force field brought up nothing.  Is there an available animation for MV that can be used with one of the available mana shield plugins to show a character with a mana shield or force field that someone could...
  8. Limiting attacks based on row

    I am using Yanfly's RowFormation plugin.on the player side I have went and made all attacks have appropriate <Row Only> flags. So, I have the player side working. The problem is the monster side. I want to make it so that a monsters melee attack can only target a player in row 1, a reach attack...
  9. Attacks of opportunity

    I am trying to add attacks of opportunity to my game. I am using Yanfly's row formation plugin, and have added in range, reach, and melee zones. I have successfully created skills that will allow movement between the different zones. What I am trying to do is to add an attack of opportunity...
  10. Respond effect to target own mana

    Can someone correct whatever I'm doing wrong in this short code snippet? <Custom Respond Effect> If (value >=  { == 15; } <\Custom Respond Effect> this is on a passive state. I tried switching to user instead of target, but since it's a respond effect to...
  11. ATB works, CTB hangs up

    I decided it was easier to get an "initiative" type feel from using ATB or CTB than the default battle time system. I have properly installed Yanfly's battle engine plugin. ATB works flawlessly. CTB though has a bad tendency to hang up mid-battle and not bring up the action selection thing where...
  12. Star Wars style SR?

    Is there a mana shield plugin that would allow me to duplicate the effects of SR from the Star Wars table top? for those unfamiliar with the reference. SR 15, if you get hit by 15 or less damage, is reduced to nothing and your shield is fine.  Attacked by 16 damage, you take 1 damage...
  13. Skill to see enemy vulnerabilities.

    I want to create a skill that will return some information about an enemy in combat. At a minimum I would like to show its HP/Max HP and what elements it takes over 100% damage from.  I am completely clueless of where to start. 
  14. Can I roll 1d6 for damage?

    Is it possible to roll dice in the damage formula, or something to the same effect? I could imitate a d6 roll by making it 3 damage with a 100 variance rate, but that would vary all damage, including any static modifiers I wanted to add.  I want to be able to roll 1d6 + 3 for example. 
  15. Am I allowed to use title screens for icons?

    Am I allowed to use the in game image that is my title screen sized down for my app icon?
  16. RPG Maker Essentials Tilesets

    I bought the RPG Maker essentials and the characters pack recently. Everything seems to work fine. Except Tilesets don't seem to be showing up for me. I placed them in my project, in the img folder in the Tilesets sub folder. Am I doing something wrong? When I go into the editor, I have tried...
  17. Plugins, licensing, Eula,

    So, I know that what you get wth the game is allowed to be used in release material. Any additional packages I buy also grant me a liscence to use them in games I release. Plugins however, seem to be a different story. Each plugin is made by different people and whether you are permitted to use...
  18. Defective robot shutdown sequences

    I'm making a robot, that's slightly quirky and defective.  This is robot is rather powerful and destructive, but it has a habit of shutting off at the most inopportune moments. I want it to have a 15% chance of shutting down when it gets hit. This is easy, simply give the enemies a 15% add...

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