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  1. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    Sorry to be the bearer of positive news:-), but once you reserve the events in the .json file, they stay there and will show up in the editor too. Just like any of the others below 1000. I've added events beyond 1000 several times now, opening them in the editor and saving the project. And they...
  2. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    I've probably spent 6000+ hours on the game the past 4-5 years. I only have about 120 maps, but gameplay wise I guess it's between 30-50 hours. But it's a sandbox type of gameplay, so you can more or less do quests in any order you wish and a lot of repeatable stuff (crafting, farming, have...
  3. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    Phew....I have about 1500 of each, should be enough then. Where can I find info on those and other limitations/capabilities?
  4. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    Sure I could probably cut down on some by combining them. But that would make things a lot more complex to keep track of. And some are already so large I am considering splitting them up. Just to make them easier to read/edit. And besides, just a couple of hundred common events won't last me...
  5. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    I just tried manually adding events beyond 1000 in the CommonEvents.json and they show up just fine in the editor. Both the Common Events Editor and the list for for choosing the Common Event locally now contain the events beyond 1000. I tried saving the project and then reloading after viewing...
  6. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    So that would call CE 1001 in a local event?
  7. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    Yes, you can say so. And every time I use an event more than once I store it as a common event, because it's a lot easier to edit/update one common event, than searching all maps for dozens of local events that contain the same script.
  8. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    I see. So I wouldn't be able to create/edit common events beyond 1000 in the Editor, but I could edit common event 990 and then paste it to event 1001 in CommonEvents.json? But would I be able to call CE 1001 from a map event? I'm assuming the scrolldown menu to select a common event is also...
  9. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    Hi, I just discovered to my horror that MV isn't allowing me to go beyond 1000 Common Events! Is there a way to override this?
  10. YSP_VideoPlayer

    It's not just this plugin. I have the same issue when looping videos with the event handler. That's why I went looking for this plugin in the first place. The strange thing is that sometimes the compressed videos work better, while at other times the non-compressed videos work best. Some videos...
  11. YSP_VideoPlayer

    Hi! I've been testing this plugin a bit and it seems very promising. I have one issue though: Is there anyway I can make this play on top of an image? Like setting it to image nr 2? This way you can have image nr 1 in the background and play the movie on top of it.
  12. How to transfer character name to different character

    Found it! $$ Works like a charm:-) Thanks Andar!
  13. How to transfer character name to different character

    It's because both actors can be used interchangeably (shape changing). And transferring XP between actors is just going to mess up all levels and skills. The easiest way would just be to swap actors. I'll look for the script commands in the forum.
  14. How to transfer character name to different character

    Hi there! I have the following problem: A character which can be named by the player will eventually evolve into another character. This new character uses a separate character profile/ID because it's a completely different class, with new stats and abilities. The only thing I wish it to keep...
  15. Play Movie Command randomly freezes the game

    Most likely. There aren't a lot of settings to fool around with in Movavi Movie Editor, though. But for some reason it tends to set the framerate at 29.97 instead of 30. Don't know if that causes it. Anyway I have now converted all files with Online Convert and everything appears to work as it...
  16. Play Movie Command randomly freezes the game

    Yes, it says 1.6.2 in the rpg_core.js as well. I recently converted the project from 1.5.2 to 1.6.2. I hadn't experienced these freezes in 1.5.2 with the same movie files. But in that version you had to manually set a wait period after initiating the playmovie command, otherwise would try to...
  17. Play Movie Command randomly freezes the game

    Hi! My project is on version 1.6.2 of RM MV. I am having issues with movie files (.webm) randomly freezing. It will happen a fraction of a second after they start playing (about 100-200ms?), never later. It also seems to affect some movies more than others. Sometimes they freeze and sometimes...
  18. Pixi.js causing errors with MacOS Catalina

    I see. I didn't know Catalina was 64 bit only (I'm a Windows user). That pretty much explains why they don't get along:-/. Sucks not being able to deploy to Mac anymore, though. Thanks for your help.
  19. Pixi.js causing errors with MacOS Catalina

    Hi My players on MacOS Catalina are reporting the same problem. The game crashes on launch. And an error report generates the following message: [warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0 [warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0...
  20. Event Editor check against variable =

    Hi Could you please add an option to the event editor where you can check if a variable = value, rather than variable >/= value? That would in a lot of circumstances save may a ton of switches and controlling said switches. Quick example: I have a building with several rooms. Each time the...

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