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  1. ManaBrent

    RMMV Yanfly Event Mini Label Lag

    I want to use YEP_EventMiniLabel to display variables above events, shown below. I need it to update though, and the displayed variable doesn't update by default. There's a plugin command RefreshMiniLabel that does force it to update. However using that command causes a significant lag spike...
  2. ManaBrent

    RMMV Final Profit: A Shop RPG - Parody Of Capitalism [Demo Available]

    Final Profit is a merchant sim parody of capitalism. Run your shop and explore a story filled world as you try to earn enough coin to take down the corrupt Bureau of Business. Download the Demo and Wishlist on Steam! Or download the Demo on Itch! Trailer One | Trailer Two Join the Discord for...
  3. ManaBrent

    Game Crashing Randomly

    I've had a long standing issue where my game crashes after being played for a while, usually after a couple of hours but it can vary. This has happened on 4 different PCs. It's always immediately after a map transition, and noticeably the BGM fails to load right before it happens. I thought it...

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part of the common event help menu I'm working on. I used Yanfly's Common Event Menu to set it up and here's a screen of once you've selected one of the options. This one explains the 6 different battle commands.
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