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  1. Clairenova

    Making enemies only killable when hit with certain elements/resisting death unless hit with certain moves???

    SO I've got a really nice combo system pretty well implemented in my RPG, and as the project moves further along Ive added more powerful attacks that are meant as stuns and/or finishers and really have a lot of weight to them. So what I'd really like is a way to make a Passive State to replicate...
  2. Clairenova

    RMMV Forcing a Critical Hit effect on hitting Elemental Weaknesses??

    Hello! Wasnt sure if this warranted a thread or if this was the right place to post, but since Im stumped I figured Id reach out!! So, Ive been working on my game in RPG MV a lot lately and as Ive moved further and further into the design of the game, Ive steadily been overhauling Criticals to...
  3. Clairenova

    Hello fellow humans!! & other beings

    Didn't know there was a whole place just for saying hello, so uh, hello!!! My name is Claire, Im an aspiring game dev in my mid-20s with a lot of plans making multimedia projects in general, Ive been an RPG Maker fan and played around with the software for years but havent really gotten REAL...
  4. Clairenova

    Changing TP into a risk/reward based "Stress" styled system???

    SO BIT OF A LONG POST, but Ive got a great idea and solid foundation, but need some help with it hope this gets some traction!! Im kinda long winded and repeat myself a bit more than I like LOL but Id love to get some input!! Ive been working on a system currently called the "Pressure" system...

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