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  1. Lunyc

    RMMZ Battle animations play twice with Moghunter's battle HUD

    I'm using both Visustella's battle core and Moghunter's battlehud for my game, and while they don't cause any compatibility issue with the game itself, battle animations are glitched. Basically, animations always play twice, whether on enemies or on the actor busts (frontview battle) and it's...
  2. Lunyc

    RMMZ SRD HUD Maker Ultra - showing state icons in the battle HUD

    I've been trying my hand at SRDude HUD maker to make a better looking battle HUD (my MZ project only has 1 actor, so the default HUD doesn't really work). The problem I'm having is that, while I actually made my battle HUD pretty quickly, there's apparently no way to show the icons of the...
  3. Lunyc

    RMMV Yanfly skill learn system - showing all skills regardless of the requirements

    I've started experimenting with Yanfly's skill learn system and found two very useful notetags commands: Level requirement (you need a certain level to unlock the skill) and Skill requirement (you need to unlock one or more other skills before you can unlock that one). The thing is, using these...
  4. Lunyc

    RMMV Adding Moghunter's picture gallery in the menu with Yanfly's menu manager

    I wanted to use Moghunter's picture gallery to give an extra aesthetic touch to my game, but I can't get it to show up on the menu. The plugin does have an option to do that by default, but it doesn't work if you're using Yanfly's menu manager. I need help figuring out how to add the picture...
  5. Lunyc

    RMMV Screen animations not playing correctly with Moghunter battle HUD

    So I've started using Mog's battle HUD plugin, it allows you to have actors busts during battle, instead of the boring low-effort default HUD, and it also allows animations to be played on top of the busts, which is great but also where my problem lies. Single target animations play just fine...
  6. Lunyc

    RMMV Hide Yanfly JP text from main menu

    I started using Yanfly's JP plugin, but it's graphically conflicting with Galv's bust menu plugin. As you can see in the first picture, the JP text (PA in this case) clips through the class name. There is an option in the plugin to hide it, but then it hides it from EVERY menu, including the...
  7. Lunyc

    Encyclopedia with pictures script

    Hey, so, I've came back to VX Ace after using MV for a loooong time, and I started looking for an encyclopedia script but, since VX Ace is old at this point, most of the links are broken. I've managed to find a glossary script which works pretty well, but it doesn't allow to put pictures in it...
  8. Lunyc

    How do I change the default system/menus font color?

    Okay, I may sound stupid here, but I have been using MV for way too long and forgot how VX Ace works. The menus have that horrid light blue font color and I'd like to make it white like all the rest. I've been looking through all the scripts but haven't found anything. Also, I'm using Yanfly...
  9. Lunyc

    RMMV Help with Torigoya BalloonInBattle plugin

    I wanted to use Torigoya BallooInBattle plugin in my project to make battles more interesting but it doesn't work well with Yanfly's action sequence. The speech balloon stays on the actor until the skill ends and it doesn't follow the actor that well (if the actor jumps on an enemy, the speech...
  10. Lunyc

    RMMZ Visual problem with VisuStella element status plugin

    Has anyone experienced such a problem when using the <Dealt Element Plus> notetag from VisuStella element status core plugin? I put +10% damage for fire, ice and lightning, but it shows that weird number, and I don't know if it's actually that or +10% when playing. Something similar also...
  11. Lunyc

    Can you play an SE at the end of a state effect?

    I have a skill that applies a state effect that lasts for 3 turns and I'd like to play a sound effect when the state wears off, so that the player is warned that the effect ended. Any ideas?
  12. Lunyc

    Yanfly Profile Plugin picture gets cut off

    So I'm having this problem with Yanfly's profile plugin, where each line of text cuts off the picture in the profile page. I've been looking around and saw that other people have the same problem but I couldn't find any solution whatsoever. My plugins are updated and I followed the right...

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