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  1. LAede_Aveugle

    Stop!!! Please stop!!!

    So, last time a create a thread asking what you think we're the most frustrating things about creating RPG maker games (and it is very fascinating to see that some people hate what you love and vice versa). Now I am curious to know what you think are the annoying things that other devs do? If...
  2. LAede_Aveugle

    For you what is the most frustating thing about making a RPG maker game?

    Hello, I decided to create this thread so that I (and other creators) can put out of our hearts the frustrations and inconveniences that bother us deeply when we are creating games. Because I love RPG maker since my childhood (even if I never managed to finish a game... yet), there are really...
  3. LAede_Aveugle

    A question about prices

    Hello, I am not entirely sure that is the good place to post this thread so sorry if I have made a mistake XP) So, I have been working in a game inspired by samurai culture for some time, but even if I was able to create sprites that match the setting, the chibi look doesn't work very well with...
  4. LAede_Aveugle

    Ideas for snow puzzles

    So in my game there is a scene where two characters are stuck in a mountain and have to leave before they freeze to death. Can you help me come up with ideas for puzzles so that this scene is not just a walking simulator?
  5. LAede_Aveugle

    Footsteps sound effects

    Hello, i am trying to bring footstep sound effects with this tutorial i found on youtube. However, there is a strange concern. Sometimes I listen to the sound effect of another type of terrain over the one I have chosen. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. LAede_Aveugle

    RMMV Little (but weird) bug in SRD MenuBackground

    Hi, in my game, when I use SRD's "Menu background" plugin, something strange happens. The images appear ... but only the second time you enter the menu. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thank you!
  7. LAede_Aveugle

    Fast way to create tall sprites

    I'm guessing there must be hundreds of generic threads talking about changing sprites, so I'll try to get straight to the point. I've been trying to adapt my character sprites for weeks to be less chibi, but the results are always frustrating. I tried with different templates, I looked for...
  8. LAede_Aveugle

    How to change the text box

    Hello, So I love RPG maker MV, but I find the vanilla text box empty and kinda boring. I want to change that, add paintings and make that each character have his own personalized text box. But I have no idea how to do it (I tried to change the text box file with gimp, but the result was a...
  9. LAede_Aveugle

    RMMV Winter - A Samurai tale (New version LIVE! Better graphics and a little of voice acting!)

    What you do when all your dreams are shattered? Literary : Musashi Ejii Yoshikawa, Heike monogatari (unknow writer), The Tale of Genji Murasaki Shikubu, The Shikanoko series by Lian Hearn, the Illiad by Homer, and the best book ever written : The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R...
  10. LAede_Aveugle

    Hello from France

    Hello guys, I am a "veteran" who has been playing with RPG maker since RPG maker 2000, but who has never managed to create a project worthy of sharing. Fortunately this will soon change, because I can't wait to share with you my games filled with samurais (this Friday I should have a demo of...
  11. LAede_Aveugle

    RMMV (YEP) How to make fullscreem?

    Hello, I have instant the Yep Core engine but every time that I change the resolutions, my game look like this: Can someone help me?
  12. LAede_Aveugle

    Help with medieval interiors

    Hello  Recently i buy the DLC Medieval Interiors for RPG Maker MV ( to finally realize an old dream witch is create a good historical rpg game. No magic, no elfs, no dragons, only the old and good world with black plague and the hundred...

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