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  1. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    Hi, I just discovered to my horror that MV isn't allowing me to go beyond 1000 Common Events! Is there a way to override this?
  2. How to transfer character name to different character

    Hi there! I have the following problem: A character which can be named by the player will eventually evolve into another character. This new character uses a separate character profile/ID because it's a completely different class, with new stats and abilities. The only thing I wish it to keep...
  3. Play Movie Command randomly freezes the game

    Hi! My project is on version 1.6.2 of RM MV. I am having issues with movie files (.webm) randomly freezing. It will happen a fraction of a second after they start playing (about 100-200ms?), never later. It also seems to affect some movies more than others. Sometimes they freeze and sometimes...
  4. Pixi.js causing errors with MacOS Catalina

    Hi My players on MacOS Catalina are reporting the same problem. The game crashes on launch. And an error report generates the following message: [warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0 [warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0...
  5. Event Editor check against variable =

    Hi Could you please add an option to the event editor where you can check if a variable = value, rather than variable >/= value? That would in a lot of circumstances save may a ton of switches and controlling said switches. Quick example: I have a building with several rooms. Each time the...
  6. How to create a ledger?

    Hi there! So, in my game the character will have a variable income and variable expenses (rent, food, etc.) I'd like to create some sort of ledger that shows his current weekly expenses. All expenses are stored in their separate variable. But how can I show this to the player? Is there some...
  7. Overwriting image positions?

    Hi there! When I first started creating my game I used the standard MV resolution of 816x624. And because I didn't know any better, when showing a fullscreen image, I just went with the default position of "Upper Left". Without adding any additional variables. Problem is, now I'd like to...
  8. Triggering a switch based on the presence of a file

    Hi there! Is there any way I can make my game look if a certain file is present in the game folder and then trigger a switch if the file is present? The point is to add secret content to the game that is only activated if the player patches the game by adding a file with a specific name. Could...
  9. Can't save or load game after deployment

    Hi, After deploying my game for OSX or webbrowser the game refuses to save. Nor will it notice any of save files I copy into the 'save' folder. Before deployment (during game testing) I can save and load games without any problems. If I deploy for Windows I can likewise save and load games to...
  10. Function of ! $ in tile filenames?

    Hi, A lot of character tiles use either !, $ or a combination in the filename. What is the function of this?
  11. How to downgrade RPG Maker MV and project to pre 1.61 version?

    Hi, I have been using the Super Tools & HUD Maker plugins for my project, but the latest version of RPG Maker mv (1.6.1) no longer allows me to access these plugins. The problem is because pressing F12 in test mode now opens up Chrome's Developer Tools. This is the same button required to...
  12. Debug console on F12, how to move back to F8??

    Hi I just noticed that the debug console now opens when you press F12. Previously it opened on F8. The problem is that I'm using HUD Maker for my project and that plugin needs to be opened using F12. So now it won't work. Is there any way to bind the debug console to F8 again? I'm currently...
  13. Good source for RPG Maker MV Sprites?

    Hi, I'm looking for a good source of RPG Maker MV Sprites. In particular fantasy/monster sprites (orcs, goblins, dwarves, trolls, etc.) The type of sprites you use for your walking animations (not the battle sprites). Any suggestions?
  14. Trying to create a plugin to show (and erase) pictures

    Hi, Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place, but here is my problem: I'm completely new to plugin scripting, so I decided to start with something simple. I wanted to create a plugin that would show a picture and then erase it after a certain amount of time. So I created a .js file in...
  15. Temporarily changing the character's sprite

    Is it possible to temporarily change the main characters sprite? For example: if the character equips a torch, I'd like his sprite to show him holding a torch. I've created the sprites, but I can't find a suitable command in the event handler to swap his sprite.... Please help!
  16. Key input event plugin?

    Hi, I wanted to create an event where the player has to press a certain combination of arrow keys (e.g. up, down, down, left), set against a timer. Problem is, RPG maker MV doesn't seem to have an appropriate key input option in the event editor. I shortly considered doing this: Loop If ...
  17. Packaged game doesn't allow you to save

    I recently upgraded my project to 1.4. I don't know what version my project was before, but it was lower than 1.3. Usually after packaging the game with Enigma Virtual Box into a single .exe file, when you start up the packaged .exe and save your game, a 'save' folder is created in the same...
  18. How to update your RPG Maker MV Project?

    Hi, I want to use a plugin that requires my project to be a version 1.3. How do I update my project? When I click the "About" button under help I see that my RPG Maker MV version is at 1.4.1. How do I get my project to that version? Plz help!
  19. Menu bar/dash/hud to display information on game map?

    Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to show certain variables in a menu bar at the top of the screen. For example I'd like to be able to show time of day, days played, gold, etc. when wandering about the game map. Does something like this exist?
  20. RPG MAker MV running at half speed???

    Hi, Recently all RPG Maker games have started running incredibly slow on my main PC. Almost as if they are running at half speed. Is there some sort of keyboard shortcut to a "slow motion" setting that I'm not aware of? It shouldn't be hardware related, because those games ran fine earlier and...

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