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  1. pinkapinkie

    [3/3 SLOTS FILLED] Hirei's Freebie Shop [Portraits / Logos]

    I'd like to request a face and a bust, if that's even possible. I actually sent you a PM with the details. Thanks!
  2. pinkapinkie

    ~*~ RTP Portrait Makeovers ~*~

    I'd love to see RpgMaker VX Ace's characters done in this style. You know, those ones that only got battlers by default. Particularly, I'd like to see these guys down here, but the others wouldn't be bad as well.
  3. pinkapinkie

    [Demo Released] Far Beyond Universe

    Thanks for the kind words :D And yes, I've been going slowly on Far Beyond Universe, mostly because of school and other things. But I'm confident I'll star working on it again when I'll have more time!
  4. pinkapinkie

    ~*~ RTP Portrait Makeovers ~*~

    These look really good! I especially love princess Anya! And it would be even nicer to get sprites to go with them :D keep up the good work!
  5. pinkapinkie

    Story tracker script

    Ah good! Yanfly's gab window is perfect for the kind of thing i need! Thanks a lot!
  6. pinkapinkie

    Story tracker script

    Hello everyone! I'd like to request a little script that could be helpful for everybody to use. It would be a simple story tracker, all this does is showing a little string of text when a button is pressed, but only on the map. For example, you press A button (should be customizable), then on...
  7. pinkapinkie

    Amysaurus' Sprites!

    I'd love to see some nice stat increasing icons, like, you know, ATK UP and that stuff you already get in the basic iconset. Just a change of style.
  8. pinkapinkie

    Drop Item Sets

    What if i want only enemies tagged with item set to drop under condition? All the other should drop normally. Or do I have to set a condition for every single enemy in the database?
  9. pinkapinkie

    Drop Item Sets

    Thanks for the quick response!
  10. pinkapinkie

    Drop Item Sets

    How would I set a condition that requires actor ID x to be in the party?
  11. pinkapinkie

    Crafting Script v3.8 - Updated 2/26/2015

    Is it possible to disable the crafting bar so it won't show up in the crafting scene? And of course, make it so that you'll always get a success? I was also wondering wheter it is possible to set it up so that each time a job levels up, you will automatically see all the recipes of that level...
  12. pinkapinkie

    Tales of Vesperia CMS

    I really like your work, looking forward to see the other scenes as well!
  13. pinkapinkie

    Qtpi's Sprite Shop- Closed

    Ah thanks! Now it's perfect! Thanks for your hard work!
  14. pinkapinkie

    Qtpi's Sprite Shop- Closed

    I would like it's face to be a bit bigger, and his cheecks especially.
  15. pinkapinkie

    Qtpi's Sprite Shop- Closed

    I really like what you did, but could I ask you to make his face a bit bigger and round?
  16. pinkapinkie

    Qtpi's Sprite Shop- Closed

    Hello! I would like to request a sprite for a character. Request Type: Character Sheet Request Description: It's just like what you see in the picture. Also, he's some sort of mouse, so a tail would be appreciated. Oh and you don't need to sprite the book he's holding. Reference Picture(s)...
  17. pinkapinkie

    Zeus Lights & Shadows

    Thanks a lot!
  18. pinkapinkie

    Zeus Lights & Shadows

    Looks like your script is not compatible with Neon Black's terrain tags. There seems to be a problem when I put a terrain tag which makes the player walk below tiles. Your script blocks the passage. Would be great if you could make them...
  19. pinkapinkie

    CP's Battle Engine

    Noticed a problem with the attack times feature. When applied on actors it works just fine, when applied on enemies it won't work.
  20. pinkapinkie

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    @ Ministry There's no way to add those kind of value in the status effect box by default. But thanks for your reply. @ adiktuzmiko When I put like -2 in the box though, it gets automatically back to the +1 value.

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