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    Making a Fun Support Class

    Nobody seems to like playing as a support class. It seems to be more like playing as the team waterboy, running around with a tray of snacks while everyone else has fun. What are some ways we could make support classes more enjoyable? For example, I had thought of a variant Necromancer who uses...
  2. Tech

    Alt-Fire for Shooter-Like game

    One project I'm working on is a game that takes after shooters. One of the influences is Doom 2016/Eternal. To that end, most of the weapons are guns, with a secondary fire mode in place of spells (although those exist too). I'm just kind of at a loss as to what alt-fire the pistol, minigun, and...
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    Evolving Items Vs Loot Drops

    One of the complaints about the genre is that the player is always chasing higher numbers. Another is that they end up carrying around a sack of loot that's useless to them so they can sell it. The obvious solution to this is to make equiment that evolves as you play with it somehow. However...

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In one of our campus classrooms was a bag full of stuff people forgot there... my bag. That I forgot there xD
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