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  1. KageKazumi

    RMMV Can I make weapons come with Augments with Yanfly Attachable Augments?

    Title says it all. I want to make some weapons obtainable with augments already on them. Of course if the player wants, they can detach them later. But is there a way to get this to work using this plugin?
  2. KageKazumi

    How to show custom logo on game startup?

    Hello everyone, could someone please tell me how to get my custom logo to show instead of the 'made with rpg maker' one when you start the game. It would also be cool if I could show both of them, if anyone knows how to do that as well.
  3. KageKazumi

    How to have states affect other states

    Hello everyone, So I'm trying to implement this feature in my game that allows a state to affect the chances of inflicting another state. Here is an example: Say i have two states called 'Shock' and 'Wet'. If the player uses a weapon or item that can inflict Shock, it has a 40% chance to be...
  4. KageKazumi

    RMMV How to add second weapon equip and second attack option?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a system in my game to where the player can equip both a Melee weapon and a Firearm. Then, when the player is in combat, they can choose to Attack with their Melee weapon or shoot their gun, Kind of like Persona 1. I asked this question before in the Plugin...
  5. KageKazumi

    RMMV How would i go about adding a new Attack command in combat?

    Hello Everyone. I'm trying to make a system in my game to where the player can equip both a Melee weapon and a Firearm. Then, when the player is in combat, they can choose to Attack with their Melee weapon or shoot their gun, Kinda like Persona 1. My question is, how would i go about adding...
  6. KageKazumi

    RMMV Yanfly Animated SV Enemies Help

    Hello everyone, i'm having trouble with the Animated SV Enemies plugin from yanfly. You see when i put the keyword <Sideveiw Battler: filename> in the enemies notes with the name of the actor i want, all it gives me is the is the base graphic, in this case the bandit, breathing. I want it to...
  7. KageKazumi

    Title Logo Request

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for help with a title screen. I would like it to go with a black background. Name: Our Fates Maker Format: Rpg Maker MV Art Style: Modern, Final Fantasy Color: White,Blue, and Gray Image: Anything, Just keep in mind the game has a modern theme
  8. KageKazumi

    How would i go about showing chapter names during game play.

    Hello, Everyone. I would like to show the players current chapter without stopping them. For example, the uncharted game's would show the current chapter while the player is still able to move. I posted this question before and was told that i can do it with parallel process, but tried that and...
  9. KageKazumi

    Removing Magic Attack and Magic Defense

    Hello Everyone, i'm making a more modern game and i need to remove Magic Attack and Magic Defense from the all menus. Do i need a Script? Or could i do it without?
  10. KageKazumi

    How do i show Chapter names in game and save menu

    Hello Everyone. I need help to show chapter names in game and the save menu. For example, when starting a new chapter, i want the chapter name to appear on screen for a few seconds. I would also like for the save menu to show which chapter the player is currently on. Do i need a script? Or could...
  11. KageKazumi

    Make Guns that use ammo?

    Hey guy's, i'm trying to make guns that require ammo to use. How would i go about this? Do i need a script? Or can i do it without?

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