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  1. SteelFanged

    Looking for Encryption programs or tools

    I don't know if I'm in the right place, but I'm looking for an Encryption program to use for my RPG Maker MV game so as to encrypt my game data. All the youtube tutorials I've seen recommend not using the default encryption that comes with MV, but I'm in a little over my head and I'm not sure...
  2. SteelFanged

    Looking for an, SE Sound.

    I'm looking for the sound of something "cracking". It could be glass, it could be ice, it could be metal. The scene I want to use it for; The Main Character in the game I'm working on has just been beaten up and lost a fight, his helmet is cracking before it completely shatters into pieces...
  3. SteelFanged


    Hello, community. ...Well, this is rather intimidating. I've never, ever used a forum before. But last year I got RPG Maker MV through steam, and more than once I've found myself struggling to implement things and trying to get them to work the way I want. Youtube has helped a lot, but sometimes...

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part of the common event help menu I'm working on. I used Yanfly's Common Event Menu to set it up and here's a screen of once you've selected one of the options. This one explains the 6 different battle commands.
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