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  1. Orsalak

    Ordering Question

    I'm not sure where his question goes, so if it belongs in a different area, please move it. I decided to get another preorder copy of MV for my son. I don't see a way to order one as a gift though. How would I order a copy of someone else?
  2. Orsalak

    Modern Items Needed

    I am looking for two things to put into my VX Ace game that I am having trouble finding.  I am using the Modern Day Tile Pack for most of my needs but I also need the following: 1) a coat rack Example: 2)...
  3. Orsalak

    Playtest Functionality Questions

    I am new to this tool (love it so far) and have a couple of questions around play testing: 1) I read in a tutorial that you can hit F9 when play testing your game to get a window showing switches and variables.  F9 doesn't do anything for me.  I've gotten around this be creating events that...

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gotta love when an update is forced when yer in the middle of making a map and ya didnt save in a half hour XD least its still in my head..nvrmind lost 2 maps ;-;
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part of the common event help menu I'm working on. I used Yanfly's Common Event Menu to set it up and here's a screen of once you've selected one of the options. This one explains the 6 different battle commands.
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